Market Tracking: Medical Supply Distribution

Comprehensive medical supply market share intelligence and actionable insights to track real-time trends

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Our Market Tracking: Medical Supply Distribution data enables manufacturers in the medical, laboratory and diagnostic supply industries to track market trends in the distributed sales channels. Clarivate aggregates sales data from the major U.S. medical and laboratory supply distributors, providing our customers with SKU-level data across all sites-of-service and ZIP-3 geographic detail.

This solution allows manufacturers to identify opportunities and risks by confidently assessing market share based on real-time insights.

How we help

  • Accurately quantify market share and market potential for medical supply
  • Competitively price medical supplies by target region and/or facility type through price analyses
  • Optimize salesforce by gaining visibility into underserved markets and commercial opportunities

From competitive intelligence to market sizing, the solution informs:

  • Market share reporting
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product portfolio performance analysis
  • Brand performance tracking
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales territory planning
  • Market opportunities assessment
  • Market sizing
  • Geographic optimization

The solution answers critical business questions such as:

  • Is there a product that would increase our overall portfolio?
  • What are the value of the product and cost to obtain?
  • What new products are entering the market?
  • Which products are they overtaking?
  • What is happening within the overall product groups?
  • Where is there a significant uptick in similar product types?

Powerful data

This solution is fueled by a consortium of leading U.S. distributors from the Health Industry Distribution Association (HIDA). Artificial intelligence-engineered models provide faster, more accurate device categorization, and our subject matter experts put data into context. Our user-friendly, pre-scrubbed data allows customers to extrapolate across the entire distributed sales channel.

Metrics included:

  • Revenue (including share)
  • Units
  • Pricing

…across the following dimensions:

  • Manufacturers
  • Product categories
  • Sites of service (hospital, laboratory, home care, ASC, physician’s office, treatment center, long-term care, retail/consumer)
  • Geographic detail (ZIP-3)
  • Product SKU

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