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We are the U.S. hospital industry’s trusted partner for customizable and data-driven best practices and business intelligence on the revenue cycle.

Membership includes access to independent research, actionable best practices, and training for leadership and front-line staff in patient access, health information management, and patient financial services.

Our approach takes into consideration each organization’s specific challenges and historical performance to cultivate a strategy of revenue generation/excellence both now and in the years ahead.

How we help

Analyst advisories

Unlimited access to our internal experts providing primary and secondary research tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Revenue cycle scorecard

Our performance benchmarking tool provide real-time intelligence on revenue cycle KPIs.

Best practice reports

Stay up to date on hot industry topics with our quarterly best practice reports with case study-driven insights.


Provider-led webinars and member retreats offer a unique opportunity to learn from leaders at top-performing organizations.

Our approach

We work with hospital and health system leaders to develop revenue cycle best practices to help you address your key business questions: 

  1. How are my peers performing on key revenue cycle metrics, like A/R, collections, denials, etc.?
  2. What percent of denials are caused by (a specific root cause), and what steps can my organization take to reduce their future occurrence?
  3. What are best practices for (a specific process or department within the revenue cycle)?
  4. What are best practices for a given process or department within the revenue cycle?
  5. What are new innovations within (a specific process or department within the revenue cycle)?
  6. What new regulations have been introduced by CMS, and what is the expected impact on them for the industry?
  7. Can you find an organization for me to network with on (a specific process within the revenue cycle)?

Responding to emerging trends

Our revenue cycle research framework includes:

  • Patient access:
    Providing an efficient and consistent pre-service process beneficial to patients as well as to the organization’s bottom line.
  • Documentation, charge capture, and coding: 
    Ensuring the integrity of both clinical documentation and applied charges, accurate coding, and appropriate reimbursement.
  • Billing and collections: 
    Improving patient literacy of healthcare costs, bills, and payment options while improving financial outcome.
  • Strategic revenue management:
    Setting defensible pricing and transparency strategies, managing payer and vendor relationships, realigning the revenue cycle department, monitoring staff performance, and more.

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