Managed Market Surveyor Suite

Build your market access strategy using accurate U.S. managed care enrollment data

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The most accurate, hyper local lives data for the key influencers in managed care.

The managed markets landscape is complex and localized making it challenging to understand today’s complex healthcare ecosystem.

The Managed Market Surveyor Suite provides a comprehensive view into the elaborate managed markets landscape with a complete, clear, and accurate picture of lives and affiliations by payer, pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), and employer.

Trusted by government agencies and the largest health insurers in the U.S. to track their own performance, the Managed Market Surveyor Suite provides concrete, reliable data that forms foundational data for any successful market access strategy.

Leverage data trusted by government agencies and the largest U.S. health insurers

Integrated tools designed to make your teams more knowledgeable, unified, and productive.

  1. Effectively size your markets, identify targets and communicate to your team.
  2. Clearly pinpoint the source of formulary control, assess the impact of reimbursement and formulary decisions and evaluate trends
  3. Deeply understand PBMs and payers by category, geography and affiliation
  4. Leverage payer pharmacy benefit data to understand formulary structure, benefit design and specialty co-insurance as well as prescriptions by delivery channel and drug category.

Data and tools for setting your market access strategy

zoom_out_map Medical pharmacy lives

Medical pharmacy lives

Identify the largest insurers and lives coverage by geography.

Medical and pharmacy covered lives data at the national, state, metropolitan statistical area, and county levels to better inform strategic planning and resource allocation.

  • Align account teams to your payer strategy using comprehensive lives data
  • Size markets to efficiently allocate your resources
  • Gain a deep understanding of your key payer accounts

Understand who controls a plan’s formulary and the most influential PBMs.

Comprehensive analysis of national and local health plans pharmacy benefit offerings to help you identify the payers and PBMs that offer the greatest return for partnering.

  • View Payer/PBM affiliations by function, line of business, and geography
  • Understand how the payer controls access to drugs, including prescription fulfillment methods, tiers, co-pays, and formulary management
  • See enrollment by benefit design type
zoom_out_map Formulary management

Formulary management

zoom_out_map Health plan functions

Health plan functions

See where the country’s largest employers are influencing patient access to your products.

The Employer Vantage offering within the Managed Market Surveyor Suite provides a complete snapshot of the health benefits for the largest U.S. employers.

  • Understand the employer/insurance provider offerings relationship and assess employee participation
  • Identify sales and partnership opportunities

The impact of COVID-19 on U.S. health coverage

The effects of COVID-19 have had a noticeable impact on insurance coverage across the United States and some markets are being impacted more heavily than others due to various factors such as composition of the local economy, Medicaid expansion status and rate of recovery.

Download our e-book to find out what to expect as the economy continues to recover and understand the implications for your access and customer engagement strategies at broad and local levels.

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