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Stay current with the market

Industry publications, news alerts and peer discussions are widely available. Yet, how do company leaders make this predictable, reliable and easy to digest for their teams?

  • How do you get new sales people up to speed on market access dynamics?
  • Do your seasoned veterans have what they need to stay up-to-date on US market access dynamics?
  • What market access knowledge would increase team productivity?
  • What is your unified approach for adapting to changing industry realities and business strategy?

Formerly known as Pinsonault, our full-service training solutions, focusing on market access training for life science companies, are unparalleled in the industry. Our content expertise and industry knowledge, combined with instructional design and technical capabilities, enable us to create interactive and comprehensive market access training solutions for sales representatives, account managers, and other audiences within our customer organizations.

Interactive, engaging and comprehensive market access training solutions

  1. Prioritize the creation of effective teams
    Training is a critical component of establishing well rounded teams with a unified purpose. DRG Learning offers training solutions for the most seasoned professional to new hires.
  2. Drive employee engagement
    Companies need to invest in team and employee performance to drive results and boost motivation, collaboration and focus. We offer a library of content and both custom and off-the-shelf opportunities for accelerated success and performance.
  3. Focus on reducing employee attrition
    Hiring and maintaining effective and engaged teams takes significant cost and resources. Employee attrition is inevitable but that doesn’t mean that you should lose your stride. DRG Learning provides the building blocks for a healthy, high functioning team.
  4. Implementing change (reorg)
    Industry realities are in near constant flux and so must business strategy. Training greatly decreases pivot time and ramp up when reorgs inevitably come up; Don’t get stuck in a rut. Our high powered solutions and learning specialists can cut weeks and even months of planning and spin up time.

Our learning toolkit


Our e-learning modules create proven instructional strategies and the principles of adult learning theory to create interactive and engaging programs that stick. All of our modules are iPad and PC friendly and can be installed on an LMS or hosted for you on our system.

Public training

Account Management Training (AMT) is a comprehensive, hands-on training program for account managers.


Our workshops are custom-designed based on client goals and training needs. We use instructional strategies and our knowledge of adult learning theory to create workshops that are appropriate for the client situation, audience characteristics, and organizational culture.

Print materials

We incorporate a variety of print materials into our training curricula. On our shelf we have two reference books: The Managed Care Account Management workbook and the Healthcare Quality Measures Guidebook. We also create takeaway tools/job aids, fact sheets, executive briefings, and coaching guides that can help managers coach their direct reports when on field rides.

We've expanded to support the medtech industry

Commercial functions

  • Use e-learning to increase physician access to your training
  • Understand how to use your HEOR in messaging to clients
  • Help reps act on insights gained from commercial targeting data
  • Understand new therapy areas following M&A
  • E-Learning: Accessible & cost-effective learning for internal teams or customers

Market access functions

  • Better understand macrotrends and how they affect you such as the impact of mega health systems
  • Level set team understanding related to insurance systems, reimbursement change, healthcare reform, healthcare delivery, and more
  • Workshops: Customized based on client goals; often part of on-site sales or leadership meetings

Product and business management functions

  • Learn best practices in value-based contracting
  • Understand non-clinical purchasing stakeholders and strategies for interacting
  • Use e-learning to standardize training across geographies
  • Teach new hires how to conduct medtech market research
  • Microlearning: Learning needs solved via smaller solutions e.g. iPDFs, videos, infographics

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