Trademark innovation: How case data and analytics are empowering IP decision-making

Over the past decade, the trademark industry has undergone a major business transformation that continues to reshape the intellectual property ecosystem to this day. From increased competition in the trademark space to the convergence of advanced technologies, there’s no shortage of new challenges and opportunities to improve brand decision-making.
However, to keep pace with the growing number of filings and cases of IP infringement, trademark professionals may need to introduce new screening, searching and protection tools into their workflows. That’s where integrating Darts-ip™ case data and CompuMark™ trademark data can help.
The Darts-ip and CompuMark integration is not meant to replace the expertise or experience of trademark professionals, as their insights are essential to protecting their clients’ brands. Instead, the platform’s automated features are designed to empower legal experts by collecting, organizing and optimizing case data to cut down on time-consuming research tasks, including:

  • Searching for relevant administrative and judicial cases
  • Assessing the possibility of trademark conflicts
  • Comparing pending IP and trademarks with existing prior rights
  • Protecting registered marks from possible infringement on a global scale
  • Tracking the legal activity of litigious trademark owners
  • Anticipating the amount of damages one may be awarded by specific courts

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