Discover new topics emerging on the research horizon.

Research Horizon Navigator™ is a module within InCites Benchmarking & Analytics that enables you to quickly discover emerging topics that point to where future breakthroughs are likely to occur.

  • Innovate in areas with velocity
    Anticipate breakthroughs by exploring new topics defined by recent citation activity.
  • Invest in interdisciplinary fields
    Uncover emerging fields of study based on their interdisciplinarity.
  • Inform strategy and policy
    Stay informed on research trends to make strategic decisions about partnerships, talent, funding and resources.

What can I do with Horizon Navigator?

Browse emerging topics

Explore topics that are shaping the future of science and innovation.

Filter by subject

Filter emerging topics based on your specific interests or expertise.

Track organizational contributions

Discover which emerging topics your organization and others have contributed to with foundational papers or co-citing papers.

Connect researchers

View researchers who have authored foundational papers or have connected topics through their citations.

Uncover interdisciplinarity

Understand how topics intersect across multiple disciplines using a new indicator.

Export for analysis

Export publication lists to the Web of Science™ for further analysis.

Innovate at the edge

Innovate in areas with velocity

  • Trusted methodology: The emerging topics methodology is founded on 50 years of research conducted by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™.
  • Recent research: Reliably predict trends in rapidly changing fields by referencing the last five years of articles, reviews and conference proceedings.
  • Author-defined topics: emerging topics are established by researchers themselves through co-citations. This produces more meaningful topics than algorithms can generate.

Invest in interdisciplinary fields

  • Measure interdisciplinarity: New interdisciplinarity metrics unveil how topics form, grow, branch out and merge across the humanities, sciences and social sciences to form distinctive new fields.
  • Demonstrate output: Understand your current cross-disciplinary synergies or identify which new fields peer institutions are building towards.
  • Foster collaboration: Make decisions about program structure, stimulate cross-departmental collaboration and align institutional goals with developing fields.

Inform strategy and policy

  • Identify strengths: Dynamic citation maps allow you to follow relationships between papers and their authors so that you can see what areas in your portfolio are unique.
  • Discover strategic insights: Benchmark against your peers, identify strategic partnerships and uncover key funding channels by discovering top contributing institutions, countries and funders in each emerging topic.
  • Make connections actionable: Generative AI automatically assigns a research theme to each topic so you can succinctly communicate about emerging topics. Export filtered lists of emerging topics to Web of Science or your own systems for further analysis.
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You can use Horizon Navigator to monitor new topics emerging in research papers in a particular domain. Reviews, conference proceedings and articles are included in the Horizon Navigator tool. One way to support horizon scanning efforts is to start your search at the category level, which will display all emerging topics connected to a defined subject area.

After selecting an emerging topic, you can discover top contributing authors or explore author connections using the interactive Citation Map visualization.

Emerging Topic publication lists can be exported to the Web of Science and analyzed in InCites Benchmarking & Analytics. Clarivate A&G Consultancy services can also be contracted to conduct additional analysis using the Horizon Navigator metadata.

Use Horizon Navigator to inform the publishing portfolio strategy and align with future interests and fields. Inform business proposals for new journals, societies or special issues. Recruit experts in emerging fields to contribute as authors, reviewers or editorial board members.

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