On-demand Webinar

Tracking Institutional Performance through the Web of Science - A Rankings Perspective

Dr. Subhasree Nag
Regional Solutions Consultant

Institutional rankings aim to highlight and compare an institution’s relative strengths in key areas, thus playing an important role in building its reputation and global visibility.

The data and information underpinning rankings reveal insights capable of informing policymakers on strategic decisions related to recruitment, staffing, research, knowledge transfer and even marketing.

One of the most important partners providing the research publication and citation data is Clarivate, a world leader in global information analytics. Several renowned ranking organizations rely on the Web of Science for its robust, structured data to formulate and implement their ranking methodologies and develop the quantitative benchmarks for universities worldwide.

The Web of Science is the most authoritative abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature in the world, including more than 179 million publication records and 2 billion citations.

Access this webinar to gain a view into institutional performance through the Web of Science, uncovering valuable insights to support decisions and strategic research goals.

Understand the role played by the Web of Science in informing rankings, in addition to learning some of the interesting trends found in the information and analyses they provide.