On-demand Webinar

Connecting the dots: Integrating preprints into the research ecosystem

Ben Mudrak, PH.D.
Senior Product Manager
John Inglis, PH.D.
Co-founder, Biorxiv And Medrxiv
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Ioana Craciun, PH.D.
Scientific Officer & Publishing Manager
Stephanie Orphan, MLIS
Program Director
Nigel Robinson (Moderator)
Director, Web Of Science Content Management

For researchers focused on today’s urgent global challenges, access to preprints can significantly speed up scientific progress. With the recent launch of the Preprint Citation Index on the Web of Science, now it’s even easier for researchers to include preprints in their existing research workflows and link them to trusted sources.

This moderated panel discussion with preprint repository leaders on the growth of preprints, the evolution of repositories, and new connections forming throughout the research community. Learn how the Preprint Citation Index, a multidisciplinary collection of preprints from leading repositories, helps researchers stay current with the newest research while maintaining confidence in the resources they rely on.