How do I request access to the Web of Science Publisher Portal?

Access to the Web of Science™ Publisher Portal is governed by a 2-step process.

1 – Create a user account

If you are a user of other Clarivate™ products and services such as the Master Journal List™, Publons™, InCites™ or endNote™, you may use the same email address and password to log into the Publisher Portal. If you do not have a Clarivate account you can register on this page. Note that the email address you use to create your account will be used to verify your connection to the publisher. Please use an email address for the publishing organization.

If you log into the Publisher Portal and your user account has not been associated with a publisher yet, you will be redirected to the current page. You can request access to your publisher’s Publisher Portal dashboard by following the instructions outlined in step 2.

2 – Request access

In order to request access to the Publisher Portal, you will need to submit the Publisher Portal Access Request form. In the form you will be asked to provide your contact details, as well as the publisher’s name, physical address, phone number and website. You will also need to provide your job title and a brief description of your role at the requesting publisher. The information provided will be used to verify your account and associate your user account to a publisher.

The goal of the account verification process is to ensure that only authorized representatives of the publishers can submit and view the status of journals. Access requests should not be sent by individual journal editors, editorial board members, or members of the research community. Please use an email address for the publishing organization. Requests submitted using alternative or generic email addresses (e.g.;,, will not be processed. Use of generic emails prevents unambiguous identification of the requester.

Only journal publishers will be granted access to the Publisher Portal and therefore only journal publishers can submit evaluation requests. By registering for a Publisher Portal account, you are confirming you are authorized to submit journals to the Web of Science for evaluation on behalf of the publisher of the journal.

Note that your access request may be declined if we are unable to verify your identity and connection to the publisher with the information provided in the Access Request Form.

Once you have completed and submitted the Access Request Form our teams will review the information and contact you with a request resolution in approximately four weeks.

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