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Darts-ip integration

Now you can access comprehensive, searchable, global trademark case data right from your CompuMark screening, searching and watching solutions.

More informed decisions

Get a comprehensive view of trademark records with relevant administrative and judicial cases, and common and civil law data.

Streamline your workflow

Quickly view key trademark case metrics by hovering over the Darts-ip indicator in the Analysis Tool, and easily add them to exported reports.

Global IP case data at your fingertips

4 million
trademark cases

Preview the new Analysis Tool

Effortlessly customize how you view and analyze trademark results to create the ideal display for your workflow.

Work more efficiently

New dynamic table view lets you easily reorder or resize columns. Streamline your review with intuitive sorting and filtering controls.

More industrial design content

Extend your industrial design research over more of the
world with 36 new registers added to our coverage for
TM go365™ and SAEGIS®.

industrial design registers
15 million
57 million

Expanded POCA coverage

We’ve expanded Phonetic and Orthographic Computer Analysis (POCA) coverage to include the European Medicines Agency’s Article 57 database.

Customized Watch alerts

Now you can tailor Watch email alerts to meet your needs with the new Automated Alerts and Custom Alerts.

Take control of alerts

Turn alerts on or off, assign recipients and set frequency. Edit email alert subject lines. Build alerts from scratch at the order level.

22,000   Watch hits daily
19   dedicated Watch analysts
years’ average experience

Consolidated reporting

We’ve improved how you access and review your Full Availabilty Word searches with email delivery enhancements and consolidated formatting.

assessment   View your international reports in one master report
devices   Receive status updates on pending and delivered reports
alarm   Streamline review with a new, modernized format

New strategic partnerships

Partnering with other leading solution providers is another way we help you work more efficiently. In 2020, Clarivate entered partnerships with:


Delivering significant workflow efficiencies for IP professionals


Enabling IP DESK users to access CompuMark trademark watching

Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP)

Using our AI image recognition technology

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