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Unlock comprehensive and in-depth insights into the life sciences and healthcare markets with instant access to our detailed reports.

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Marketing Research Insights


Gain deep insights into the life sciences and healthcare markets with in-depth reports. Explore our extensive collection of reports in the content areas listed below. Secure online purchases give you instant access to the reports you need or pre-purchase new reports coming soon to secure immediate access at release.

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Disease Landscape and Forecast

Optimize your long-term disease strategy and validate your forecasts with comprehensive market intelligence and takeaways.

Market Access

In-depth reports, curated and built by our healthcare experts, cover the U.S. access landscape and payers. Immediate access to the relevant market access data you need on health plans, policy restrictions, PBMs, and more.

Multichannel Engagement

With 17+ years of tracking digital health trends, channel behaviors and engagement across healthcare, Clarivate reports help your brand or franchise develop targeted and more effective multi- and omnichannel marketing campaigns across stakeholders – healthcare providers, physicians, and patients.

MedTech Market Insights

Our med tech market and data experts track and report on 80+ device markets across 50+ countries. Our reports leverage a diverse set of data to provide the most comprehensive and accurate views into the global medical device and technology market.

Disease Incidence and Prevalence Summaries

Gain insight into the incidence and prevalence of over 1000 large and rare diseases.

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