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Routledge Handbook on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


作者:Joel Peters,David Newman


This book offers a comprehensive and accessible overview of the most contentious and protracted political issue in the Middle East. Bringing together a range of top experts from Israel, Palestine, Europe and North America the Handbook tackles a range of topics.


The War in Darfur : Reclaiming Sudanese History


作者:  Anders Hastrup


This anthropological study of the war in Darfur explores the personal experience of war from the perspective of those refugees who have fled from it and puts forward potential solutions to the conflict. Drawing on ethnographic research carried out in the refugee camps of neighbouring eastern Chad,The War in Darfur: Reclaiming Sudanese History gives a voice to people who to date have had little opportunity to articulate their experiences.


Popular Culture in the Middle East and North Africa : A Postcolonial Outlook


作者:Walid El Hamamsy, Mounira Soliman


This book explores the body and the production process of popular culture in, and on, the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, and Iran in the first decade of the 21st century, and up to the current historical moment. Essays consider gender, racial, political, and cultural issues in film, cartoons, music, dance, photo-tattoos, graphic novels, fiction, and advertisements. Contributors to the volume span an array of specializations ranging across literary, postcolonial, gender, media, and Middle Eastern studies and contextualize their views within a larger historical and political moment, analyzing the emergence of a popular expression in the Middle East and North Africa region in recent years, and drawing conclusions pertaining to the direction of popular culture within a geopolitical context. The importance of this book lies in presenting a fresh perspective on popular culture, combining media that are not often combined and offering a topical examination of recent popular production, aiming to counter stereotypical representations of Islamophobia and otherness by bringing together the perspectives of scholars from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines. The collection shows that popular culture can effect changes and alter perceptions and stereotypes, constituting an area where people of different ethnicities, genders, and orientations can find common grounds for expression and connection.


Inside the Middle East (Routledge Revivals)


作者:   Dilip Hiro


First published in 1982, Inside the Middle East is a definitive study of the region. It provides a clear, concise description of the complex social, political and economic life of the Middle East. Beginning with an outline of the birth and growth of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and the history of Israel and the Jews since 1020 B.C., the book is split in to five geographical and thematic parts. This thorough analysis in particular examines the forces at work within the Arab world, the domestic politics and economy of Israel and the state’s relationship with the West and the Soviet Bloc, and the relationship between the Arabs and the West since the Ottoman Empire. Dilip Hiro concludes with an overall analysis of the past in social, economic and political terms and considers the various possibilities for the future of the Middle East. Containing an unprecedented wealth of information and insight, this fascinating work presents a comprehensive understanding of the world’s richest and most volatile region. It remains of great relevance to scholars and students of Middle Eastern politics and history.


The Elusive Peace (Routledge Revivals) : The Middle East in the Twentieth Century


作者:   William R. Polk


The Elusive Peace, first published in 1979, highlights the crucial developments in the Middle East during the twentieth century: the coming of nationalism, the struggle for independence, the effects of the Cold War and the four ‘hot wars’ in the Middle East. The numerous attempts to solve the conflicts, and the ultimate failure of such attempts, are discussed with particular reference to the war in Lebanon, and its relation to larger conflicts. As an American emissary during the Kennedy, Johnston and Nixon years, William Polk is unique in his ability to assess the key personalities and provide thorough analysis, considering Sadat and Begin, and the American policies of Dulles and Kissinger. This is a fascinating and inclusive study which provides essential background to the on-going turmoil in the Middle East.


The NATO Intervention in Libya : Lessons Learned from the Campaign


作者:   Kjell Engelbrekt, Marcus Mohlin等


With contributions from a range of key thinkers and analysts in the field, the book first explains the law and politics of the intervention, starting out with deliberations in NATO and at the UN Security Council, both noticeably influenced by the concept of a Responsibility to Protect (R2P). It then goes on to examine a wide set of military and auxiliary measures that governments and defence forces undertook in order to increasingly tilt the balance against the Gaddafi regime and to bring about an end to the conflict, as well as to the intervention proper, while striving to keep the number of NATO and civilian casualties to a minimum.


The Formation of Kurdishness in Turkey : Political Violence, Fear and Pain


作者: Ramazan Aras


The Formation of Kurdishness in Turkey examines political violence, the politics of fear and the Kurdish experience of pain through an analysis of life stories, personal narratives and testimonies of Kurdish subjects in contemporary Turkey. It traces the physical and psychological impacts of the war between the state security forces and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) guerrillas in the last three decades, in Kurdish populated areas in the south-eastern part of Turkey.


American Public Opinion Toward Israel : From Consensus to Divide


作者: Amnon Cavari,Guy Freedman


This book examines trends in American public opinion about Israel in over 75 years, from 1944 to 2019. Analyzing data from hundreds of surveys in jargon-free writing, the authors show that public support for Israel has seen a dramatic shift toward increased division between partisan and select demographic groups, elaborating on the implications that this important change may have for the countries’ special relationship. Scholars and students of American foreign policy, public opinion, Middle East politics and international relations, as well as policy analysts, policymakers, journalists and anyone interested in American policy toward Israel, will want to read this book.


Recasting Iranian Modernity : International Relations and Social Change


作者: Kamran Matin


Critically deploying the idea of uneven and combined development this book provides a novel non-Eurocentric account of Iran’s experience of modernity and revolution. Recasting Iranian Modernity presents the argument that Eurocentrism can be decisively overcome through a social theory that has international relations at its ontological core. This will enable a conception of history in which there is an intrinsic international dimension to social change that prevents historical repetition.


Syria under Assad (RLE Syria) : Domestic Constraints and Regional Risks

《阿薩德統治下的敘利亞(RLE 敘利亞):國內限制和地區風險》

作者:   Moshe Maoz, Avner Yaniv


Based on a carefully selected collection of original articles, this volume focuses on the elements of Syria’s power, on Syria’s relations with each of its neighbours as well as on Syria’s relations with the superpowers. In the final analysis, conclude the editors, Syrian policies appear paradoxical. Its conduct ever since the advent of Hafez al-Assad exhibits subtle and hard-nosed pragmatism. Yet, in order to consolidate the domestic legitimacy of the Alawi Ba’athist regime, Syria has been impelled to articulate its foreign policy goals in the far-flung rhetoric of the Ba’athist ideology. As a result Syria is widely perceived of as a menace and, treated as such, it often responds in kind.


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