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As the digital space evolves, domain management is more complex than ever. Managing your domain portfolio poorly can result in cost inefficiencies and bloated portfolios. Developing strategies to right-size your portfolio requires expertise and experience.

Clarivate domain optimization services help you create and execute corporate domain portfolio strategies across the domain management lifecycle. Our experts focus on maximizing the business value of your domain portfolios through custom reports and brokerage solutions.

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  • Maximize portfolio management efficiency and effectiveness. Customized domain research reports provide the knowledge you need to help make informed decisions.
  • Analyze your portfolio for optimization. Our propriety domain scoring algorithm, together with portfolio-wide usage metrics, supply actionable recommendations to help reduce portfolio costs and increase portfolio value.
  • Ensure your portfolio is aligned with business priorities. Our portfolio gap analysis helps you identify risks and opportunities created by unregistered and infringing domains.
  • Gain insights on the impacts of new gTLDs. Strategic consultations help you understand the expanded domain landscape and unlock insights to drive proactive brand protection in relevant top-level domains (TLDs).
  • Securely recover or sell your domains. Rely on our domain brokerage services team to facilitate anonymous acquisitions, domain auctions, dispute resolution, and other actions on your behalf.

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