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The Changing Landscape of Israeli Archaeology : Between Hegemony and Marginalization


作者:  Hayah Katz


Adopting a Foucauldian framework of power and knowledge, the author begins by focusing on archaeological knowledge as a hegemonic discipline, buttressing the national Zionist identity after the establishment of the State of Israel. The liberalization of political culture in the late 1970s, it is argued, opened the door for a more democratized archaeological discipline. Making use of in-depth interviews with archaeologists belonging to various groups in Israeli society as well as documents from the Israel State Archives (ISA), the book touches on multiple fields of research, including Near Eastern archaeology, religious Jewish society, Israel/Palestine relations, and the status of women in Israel. Moreover, although the book deals with the sociology of Israeli archaeology specifically, the author’s comparative approach—which highlights the mirroring of social processes and the archaeological discipline—can also be applied to other societies.


The Arabs in Antiquity : Their History from the Assyrians to the Umayyads


作者: Jan Retso


The history of the Arabs in antiquity from their earliest appearance around 853 BC until the first century of Islam, is described in this book. It traces the mention of people called Arabs in all relevant ancient sources and suggests a new interpretation of their history. It is suggested that the ancient Arabs were more a religious community than an ethnic group, which would explain why the designation ‘Arab’ could be easily adopted by the early Muslim tribes. The Arabs of antiquity thus resemble the early Islamic Arabs more than is usually assumed, both being united by common bonds of religious ideology and law.


Middle East Contemporary Survey, Volume Xvi 1992

《中東當代調查,第 Xvi 卷 1992 年》

作者:Ami Ayalon


A number of contributors explore contemporary Middle East countries and look at how and if, they have moved forward. It looks at the rise of religious extremists and the Arab-Israeli peace process, stimulated by the change of government in Israel.


Syria’s Kurds : History, Politics and Society


作者: Jordi Tejel


Using unpublished material, in particular concerning the Mandatory period (French records and Kurdish newspapers) and social movement theory, Tejel analyses the reasons of this “exception” within the Kurdish political sphere. In spite of the exclusion of Kurdishness from the public sphere, especially since 1963, Kurds of Syria have avoided a direct confrontation with the central power, most Kurds opting for a strategy of “dissimulation”, cultivating internally the forms of identity that challenge the official ideology. The book explores the dynamics leading to the consolidation of Kurdish minority awareness in contemporary Syria; an ongoing process that could take the form of radicalization or even violence.


Social and Foreign Affairs in Iraq (Routledge Revivals)


作者: Saddam Hussein


First published in 1979, prior to the Iran-Iraq war, this important collection of speeches explains some of the strategic foundations of Iraq’s foreign and internal policies under the Ba’th Arab Socialist Party. This work concerns itself with aspects varying from advice on youth – ‘Let us win the young to safeguard the future’ –,to speeches on Iraq’s diplomatic relations. This fundamental work, concerning a historical and contemporary range of social and foreign affairs in Iraq, will be of considerable value to both political and diplomatic departments, and universities and research organisations involved with the Middle East. It is also of major significance to anyone with an interest in the rise to power of one of the twentieth century’s most infamous dictators.


Constituting the Political Economy of the Kurds : Social Embeddedness, Hegemony, and Identity


作者:  Omer Tekdemir


This book examines the development of Kurdish political economy and the emergence of collective Kurdish identity within a historical context through three main periods: the late-Ottoman Empire, the initial Republican Turkey era, and then the post-1990s period. It relates historical developments to the dynamics of Kurdish society, including the anthropological realities of the nineteenth century through the moral economy frame, the evolving nature of nationalism in the early twentieth century and the more recent construction of a modern political Kurdishness by means of radical democracy, and an agonistic pluralism shaped by left-wing populism.


Interpreting the Middle East : Essential Themes


作者: David Sorenson


Contemporary approaches to comparative studies of the Middle East increasingly recognize how globalization and regional mass communication have blurred differences across countries. Populations travel across national borders and compare narratives about political change, economic futures, and the role of the outside world in shaping their lives. Organized by five principal themes of a regional overview, politics, economic development, social context, and international issues, Interpreting the Middle East provides a vibrant introduction to the Middle East that is compatible with this regionalist perspective. Invited authorities contribute insightful and accessible original discussions of central headline-fresh issues such as the aftermath of the Iraq war, Iran’s regional ambitions, developments in the Israeli’Palestinian conflict, and the global politics of Middle East oil, gender, and religion. Section introductions by the editor integrate the contributions, and suggested readings, a glossary, and a biographical list of key persons provide helpful guidance for readers.


Crusades : Volume 21

《十字軍東征:第 21 卷》

作者: Jonathan Phillips, Iris Shagrir等


Crusades covers the seven hundred years from the First Crusade (1095-1102) to the fall of Malta (1798) and draws together scholars working on theatres of war, their home fronts and settlements from the Baltic to Africa and from Spain to the Near East and on theology, law, literature, art, numismatics and economic, social, political and military history.


Untold Histories of the Middle East : Recovering Voices from the 19th and 20th Centuries


作者:Amy Singer, Christoph Neumann等


Much traditional historiography consciously and unconsciously glosses over certain discourses, narratives, and practices. This book examines silences or omissions in Middle Eastern history at the turn of the twenty-first century, to give a fuller account of the society, culture and politics.


A History of Turkey : From Empire to Republic


作者:  M. Philips Price


First Published in 1956 A History of Turkey presents a comprehensive overview of Turkey’s journey from empire to republic. The book attempts to give a picture of the growth of the Turkish people, the institutions they have created and the ideas that have inspired them through the centuries. It discusses themes like how Islamic civilization came to the Middle East; the rise and decline of the Ottoman Empire; the National Revolution and birth of new Turkey; Mustafa Kemal and national consolidation; labour conditions, social security, and religion in new Turkey. A humble contribution to Anglo-Turkish understanding, this book is an interesting read for scholars and researchers of Turkish history, modern European history, Middle East studies, and history in general.


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