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One journey, many lenses

Gaining a granular view of the patient journey is critical to life sciences commercialization in today’s patient-centric world, informing everything from product development to market access and post-launch management.

Unfortunately, patient journey efforts are often conducted in a fragmented fashion, with different teams employing different methodologies and data sources, depriving companies of a more comprehensive view of the barriers and drivers impacting their brands.

At Clarivate, we’re rethinking the way we trace the patient journey with the aim of capturing the larger picture, in greater detail, so that our customers can better serve their customers.

How we help

At Clarivate, we examine the patient journey through multiple lenses in order to provide a granular and insights-rich view of the patient journey:

Clinical journey

  • Treatment and referral patterns
  • Time to diagnosis
  • Sites of care
  • Line of therapy progression

Cost Journey

  • Impact of cost burden and market access factors on treatment decisions and behaviors

Attitudinal Journey

  • What patients are feeling at each stage in the treatment journey
  • Connections with patient behaviors such as adoption, adherence, discontinuation and switching
  • HCP attitudes

Informational Journey

  • Channels, devices and sites sourced for health and medical info

We partner with clients on patient journey analyses to help enhance commercial activities, including:

  • Sales force optimization
  • Patient engagement
  • Physician engagement
  • Payer value communication
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Adherence and switching management
  • Opportunity assessment
  • And more

Diverse data sources

The power of the integrated patient journey approach lies in the combination of quantitative and qualitative data sources to reveal key intervention points and opportunities for differentiating products across multiple stakeholder audiences.


  • 26 billion claims
  • Visibility into 300+ million patients (over 3 years)
  • 2+ million healthcare providers
  • 98% of 750 U.S. payers, real-time updates
  • Hospitals, physician offices, ASCs, pharmacies, long-term care, nursing facilities

Electronic health records

  • Visibility into 100+ million patients (over 3 years)
  • Diagnoses, diagnostic tests, assessments, vaccines, vitals, Rx

Social data

  • Anonymized social conversation data from public social platforms, online communities and message boards

Online behavioral data

  • Search data
  • Clickstream data

Primary market research

  • 25+ countries
  • 25+ specialities
  • 50+ therapeutic areas

Secondary market research

  • Public health and demographic data sets
  • Formulary coverage

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