Top 100 Global Innovators: The DNA Behind Their Success

Darryl P. Frickey
Assistant General Counsel, IP Law
The Dow Chemical Company
Danielle Johnston Holmes
AGC of Patent Portfolio Development
Kevin Rhodes
President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
Bob Stembridge
Senior IP Analyst
Clarivate Analytics

High-impact innovation drives the discovery of new technologies and life-changing solutions, improving the way we live while benefiting a company’s bottom-line. As a follow-up to the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2018-19 report, we invite you to a webinar featuring notable speakers from Microsoft, Dow, and 3M. The discussion will focus on the ways these industry leaders push boundaries to bring new ideas to market and foster a culture of innovation, and how IP and R&D teams can work together to drive commercial success.

  • Why quality wins over quantity in the R&D world
  • Creating a culture of innovation – why this is important
  • How to grow and maintain a winning IP portfolio