On-Demand Webinar

Patent Prosecution Strategies for the Realities of AIA

Gene Quinn
Patent Attorney, Founder
Sherry Knowles
Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies
Stuart Recher
Vice President of IP Services
Derwent IP Services
There have been many changes to patent law and practice over the past decade, but few can compare in scope to the America Invents Act (AIA). Thanks to the AIA first-inventor-to-file provisions foreign filed patent applications can be prior art as of their foreign filing date. It is a brave new worldwith much more available as prior art.
Along with these critical changes, patent practitioners are constantly being asked to do more for less, and courts only add burdens on what must be disclosed. Increasingly it is necessary for patent practitioners to implement strategies and processes to streamline the patent preparation and prosecution processes, stretching client budgets without sacrificing quality or quantity.
Speed and quality are ever increasing issues thanks to new first-inventor-to-file realities and can be an obstacle when clients elect to move from firm to firm.
Join Gene Quinn on Thursday, September 27, 2018, for a free webinar discussion on the important topic of streamlining the patent prosecution process and stretching a patent budget efficiently. Joining Gene will be Sherry Knowles, Principal with Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies and former Senior Vice President and Chief Patent Counsel at GlaxoSmithKline, and Stuart Recher, Vice President of IP Services for Clarivate Analytics.
Among other things this webinar will address:
  • A collaborative approach for client and counsel engagement;
  • Creating a customized patent preparation workflow process; and
  • Properly identifying and budgeting for priority filings versus lower priority filings