On-Demand Webinar

Counting Patents is Easy, Metrics are More Difficult

Head of Analytics, IP Group

As we all try to adapt to a “new normal”, many of the more innovative organizations are turning to patent analysis to help prepare for the future. However, one of the pitfalls of such analysis is that measuring patent volumes only tells half the story. Whether you are looking at a competitor or even your own portfolio, not all ideas in a technical field carry the same weight. Some are highly impactful; some are interesting but speculative; some are core to your strategy; others are key to a competitor’s business.

In this webinar, we discussed the approaches, data points and use cases for incorporating patent ‘meta-metrics’ in your work.

Topics covered:

  • What types of metrics are available, and the different approaches taken by experts
  • The applications for a Patent Strength Index
  • Shaping your prosecution strategy, by benchmarking your position and tracking changes in your industry
  • Understanding where the strength in your portfolio really lies, and where filings are no longer required
  • Informing your research and innovation programs on areas of technical emergence and disruption
  • The Derwent Strength Index and how we approach ranking, modelling and scoring of inventions and patented ideas