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Monetize your IP assets and develop licensing and litigation strategies.

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Licensing support
Our experts systematically review your patent portfolio to help you find hidden gems and strategically expand your current licensing programs. We also vet your IP for out-licensing or enforcement opportunities, identify potential infringers of your technology and evaluate patent assets during M&A IP due diligence. We have developed multiple quantitative and qualitative strength models to rank patents for licensing potential – factors include:

  • claim scope
  • infringement detectability
  • likelihood of use
  • industrial importance
  • impact and investment


Litigation support
Quickly undertake patent research for litigation. We provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to support companies in defending against infringement suits at each stage of the workflow, including:

  • determining the threat level from litigation history
  • reviewing the patent’s legal status and health
  • conducting an invalidity study on the asserted patent
  • performing preliminary patent value analysis
  • reviewing overlap between asserted claims and alleged product infringement.

Derwent developed a patent landscape study for G3 Pharmaceuticals

Derwent solutions for licensing and litigation

Patent Landscapes

Timely, professional insight into your patent landscape, powered by industry-leading Derwent™ research solutions (including Derwent Innovation, Derwent Data Analyzer and Derwent World Patents Index). We analyze your IP landscape, review published patents, pending applications and non-patent literature. We then deliver an analysis in a highly visual report, using analytical models designed to deliver insight and answers to complex commercial questions.

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Graphene patent report is a sample of how a landscape analysis would be conducted

Claims Charting

Derwent™ analysts are experts in understanding the scope of patent claims. We evaluate whether a potentially infringing product hinders each and every claim element, utilizing information found through various sources to determine whether the product implements each claim element. Our team prepares a claims chart to show any potential evidence of implementation against each and every claim element.


Validity Analysis

Derwent performs a careful, structured validity search on any patent claims through our extensive domain experience and database coverage. After working with many IP litigation firms, our confidence-building work has proven valuable in hundreds of cases in all kinds of technologies.

Standards Essentiality Analysis

Derwent’s analysts review and study your patent in detail and build a foundation for essentiality by understanding the scope of the patent claim.  We search for potentially relevant technical standards using our IP expertise and perform an overlap assessment between the standard specification and the patent claim elements. Our team prepares a chart to show you clear evidence of the findings, including whether the patented invention is fully defined by the specification and is a mandatory feature.



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