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IP Authentication Access

When accessing Derwent Innovation using IP Authentication, users can log in with the click of a button. IP Authentication does not require a user ID or password.

Access Derwent Innovation via IP Authentication

Here are the steps to access Derwent Innovation via IP Authentication.

  1. Go to derwentinnovation.com/login/
  2. Click Quick Launch | IP Authentication



Working with Search Results

  • Use either the “Filters” and/or “Insights” features to interact with the search results.


·         Use the “Print” feature to capture the search strategy, collections searched, and the search results.

Manage Columns

  • Download 1 record at a time using the PDF icon on the search result page. If the PDF icon is not available, click on “Manage Columns” to activate this field.


  • Use the “Export” feature to export the search results.
  • An IP Authenticated user to need to enter an email address for the export, and 1 email address can be used for multiple exports. In addition, the email address can be shared with colleagues.
  • The export will remain available for 30 days. Previous exports can be retrieved under “Order Status” by entering the email address previously used to create the exports.

Search History

  • Use “Search History” to combine search queries, and export the search history in Excel or Text format for reuse or share with colleagues before closing a session.


Certain features (eg: workfiles, watches, alerts) are accessible only to registered users.