On-Demand Webinar

Innovation Trends in Immuno-oncology

Anette Breindl, PhD
Senior Science Editor, BioWorld
Clarivate Analytics
Bob Stembridge
Senior IP Analyst
Clarivate Analytics

In a recent article, “Trends in Oncology Dealmaking” published in BioPharma Dealmakers, analysts from Clarivate Analytics explored recent trends in oncology deals, and specifically immuno-oncology, which accounted for 32 of the 35 multibillion-dollar oncology licensing deals of the last five years. Join us on May 16 at 11AM EST as we discuss key findings from this article along with research from BioWorld and an insightful patent analysis based on data from the Derwent World Patents Index and the Derwent Patents Citation Index.

What topics will be discussed?

  • Key findings from “Trends in Oncology Dealmaking” and research from BioWorld
  • An analysis of the patent landscape to lay out key areas and trends within immuno-oncology
  • A patent citation analysis of major players in the space to identify potential competitors, partners, or licensees
  • A portfolio comparison of a couple of major licensing deal partners to show synergies and overlap between portfolios