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Clarivate Consulting Services lies at the center of our unique combination of steadfast industry expertise, high-quality data, and innovative technology applications. Through harnessing these capabilities, Clarivate consultants can get you the answers you need in a way that makes sense to your organization.

Whether you work in life sciences, academia, government, legal services, or corporate, Clarivate consultants have first-hand experience with the struggles you’re faced with every day. We work with you to understand your challenges, plan and deliver a tailored solution, and continue to support you any way you need to make confident decisions and achieve your organizational objectives.

How we help

Scientific and academic research

In today’s global research environment, academic, government and non-profit institutions must demonstrate research excellence and the broader socioeconomic outcomes of investments in research. Our consultants help you make data-informed decisions throughout the research lifecycle, from strategic planning through to outcomes assessment.

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Biopharma intelligence

Biopharma faces an increasingly intricate drug lifecycle to successfully deliver patients life-saving therapies. Our consultants help you traverse each step of drug development – from discovery to commercialization – to bring treatments to market and patients faster.

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Medtech intelligence

In the dynamic medtech market, medical device companies need to evolve their commercialization strategies regularly to keep up with the demands of customer influences. Our consultants make it easy to manage the product lifecycle and strategically plan your portfolio, launch, commercial or market access strategies.

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Intellectual Property diagnostic consulting

The IP lifecycle involves complex processes that require seamless collaboration across multiple teams. Our consultants work with you to create flexible solutions that help optimize workflows across the entire IP lifecycle, empowering you to maximize internal resources and create operational efficiencies while reducing risk.

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Customer experience (CX) services

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to delight or disappoint a customer. Knowing what is and isn’t working for them is key to your organization’s operational and financial success. Our consultants help you implement customer experience and customer journey mapping programs to drive deeper customer insights and ultimately achieve higher revenue, better retention rates and improved margins.

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