Transparent Peer Review an exciting initiative from Publons, ScholarOne and Wiley

Join us in this webinar and learn more about Transparent Peer Review, the first robust and scalable workflow solution to help journals bring more openness to peer review with minimal effort and using existing technology.

There is increasing demand for journals to adopt more open peer review models, as both researchers and publishers strive to bring greater transparency to research and to the publication process. However, journals have so far been unable to do this at scale, due to the complexity of current editorial workflows and the lack of dedicated and easy to implement solutions.

A collaboration between Publons, ScholarOne and Wiley developed the scalable Transparent Peer Review workflow, enabling publication of an article’s complete peer review process. Alongside the published article, readers can now access a comprehensive peer review history including reviewer reports, editor decision letters and authors’ responses. Peer review content is organized by revision rounds, and each element is assigned its own DOI, making all content readily citable. Our comprehensive workflow is in alignment with best-practice data privacy regulation, ensuring the individual preferences of authors, peer reviewers and journals are met.

After a very successful pilot, the Transparent Peer Review initiative has now expanded to 11 Wiley journals, covering a wide range of subject areas. We will soon launch a second phase, with other selected publishers joining the initiative.

Visit our website to learn more about Transparent Peer Review and register your interest for our next release.