Introducing Citation Topics in InCites

Dr Anthony Dona
Solution Consultant
Web of Science Group

InCites Benchmarking and Analytics™ has long offered multiple classification schema, and now provides Citation Topics: a new way for you to view research based on the citation relationships between documents.

We’ve sorted out the world’s research—down to the paper level—so that you can:

  • Quickly identify subject matter experts working on the specific research topics you care about to inform strategic partnership and recruitment decisions.
  • Benchmark your research against peers who work on the same research problems, instead of just those who publish in similar journals.
  • Easily understand which specific lines of inquiry are driving the strengths within your organisation’s research portfolio.

During this webinar we will:

  • Introduce the Citation Topics and the benefits it provides in comparison to the previous classification schema in the Web of Science.
  • Share the benefits of the InCites Topics three-level hierarchy to perform granular level research.
  • Take you through the new interactive Citation Topic visualisation and show you how you can now perform more granular analyses of researcher, organisational, country/regional and funding agency output.