Collective actions to strengthen research integrity

Dr. Alan Finkel
Australia’s Chief Scientist
Dr. Cathy Foley
Chief Scientist, CSIRO
Professor Margaret Sheil
Vice-Chancellor and President
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Ms Prue Torrance
Executive Director - Research Quality and Priorities Branch
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
Dr. Sabina Alam
Director of Publishing Ethics and Integrity,
Taylor & Francis Group, UK
Dr. Nandita Quaderi
Editor-in-Chief, Web of Science
Dr.  Martin Szomszor
Director of ISI

As a contributor and stakeholder within the global research system, your role and actions are crucial for ensuring high quality and integrity standards are upheld in conducting and reporting research in Australia and worldwide.

The inaugural Clarivate event on 25 November 2020 presented how the collective actions from key stakeholders across the research system are tackling the challenges and capturing opportunities to improve research integrity in Australia and worldwide.

Hear opening remarks from Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, followed by guest speakers that represent key perspectives from across the scholarly landscape, from publisher (Dr Sabina Alam, Taylor & Francis) to government (Dr Cathy Foley, CSIRO), academic (Professor Margaret Sheil, QUT), funder (Prue Torrance, NHMRC) and data provider (Dr Nandita Quaderi & Dr Martin Szomszor, Clarivate).

The topics that were covered during this live event included:

  • Highlights from the report by Clarivate’s Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) on sharing the responsibility for research integrity in a rapidly growing and complex ecosystem.
  • Challenges faced by organisations within the research system (publishers, government, academic institutions, funding bodies) that are tasked with maintaining research integrity.
  • Measures key stakeholders are currently taking to maintain, monitor and improve research integrity standards and processes in their organisations.
  • Actions that can be prioritised to lift and promote standards in the rapidly evolving research landscape in Australia and worldwide.
  • Opportunities for organisations to collaborate and better align their own efforts with what is occurring across the broader sector.
  • How the rapid volume of research related to COVID-19 exemplifies the need for ensuring credible research is promoted to help solve today’s biggest problems.