The Web of Science name change policy

There is an increasing need to support a researcher’s ability to update published research to reflect their preferred known identity, be it in relation to marriage, gender identity or other reason. It is our goal at Clarivate™ to recognize any such update request as seamlessly as possible. We applaud the policy changes recently announced by […]

A researcher’s complete guide to open access papers

Open access is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your findings can be read and built upon by a broad audience. Sharing your papers and data without restrictions can help to build a better research culture, and lead to faster, more advanced outcomes for the global challenges we face today. Open access isn’t […]

How to build your online researcher identity and increase your impact

Starting a career is very exciting but can also feel complex and intimidating at times, regardless of the professional environment, and the highly competitive world of academic research is no exception. As an early career researcher (ECR) there are multiple dimensions to your career: first and foremost pursuing your post-doctoral research project, ideally by securing […]