Research Fronts

Find and advance the hottest new research in your field, step-by-step

Keeping up with breakthrough research is no easy feat. Helping to advance that breakthrough research is even harder – especially if you’re a new academic. Luckily, it doesn’t always need to involve years in the lab. The latest Research Fronts™ report gives you quick insight into hot and emerging research heating up across the scientific […]

2018 Research Fronts report: Updating science’s hottest fields

For the daunting task of identifying particularly active areas of current research, citation analysis provides a proven resource. The concept underlying Research Fronts (a component of the Web of Science from Clarivate Analytics) leverages a reliably enduring and imperative convention in science: the obligation of authors to acknowledge the influence of previous work by explicitly […]

How does understanding emerging research inform choices in a research portfolio?

Understanding and monitoring the emergence of research areas is of vital importance to policy makers because it allows one to make informed choices about the future and to effectively nurture the growth of new research fields. This understanding and monitoring can be facilitated using Clarivate Analytics Research Fronts, an established methodology for identifying high-impact research […]