Researching smarter with EndNote X9

With the release of EndNote X9, the newest version of its reference-management software, Clarivate Analytics deepens its commitment to helping researchers concentrate on their primary goal: Creating important, impactful research.”   With research now a global enterprise, collaboration with large, international teams has become the norm. In fact, 43% of papers published in the last […]

What’s new in the ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 release

Preventing peer review fraud Peer review, at the heart of research, is the last bastion safeguarding the integrity of science. Maintaining the vigor and trustworthiness of this process is critical; otherwise all of scholarly communication is at risk. In an effort to assist publishers with identifying potentially fraudulent peer reviews, the upcoming ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 […]

Five tips for using stock photos in your email marketing

How can you use images effectively in your marketing? Stock photos can enhance the content in your emails without adding additional design work, and there are a lot of resources to find stock images –some of which are free, some paid. Images, used correctly and in a positive light, can bring out positive emotions from […]

Frankfurt – Go! Find.

Discovery lies at the start of innovation, and those who are willing to step out on that journey are risk-takers.

ScholarOne Manuscripts 2017 User Conference Key Highlights

Earlier this month, publishers gathered in Madrid for the ScholarOne Manuscripts 2017 User Conference. In addition to fine-tuning their ScholarOne skills, attendees got to hear speakers and weigh in on topics such as open peer review, preprints, and reviewer recognition.

Harnessing the power of peer review

With the increasing challenges of research and publishing, it’s more important than ever to be able to find, screen, contact, and motivate competent peer reviewers.

Taylor & Francis partners with Publons to help reviewers get recognized

As part of the effort to increase recognition of the contributions of peer reviewers, Taylor & Francis has implemented a new partnership with Publons, the online platform that helps reviewers secure verified recognition for their contributions. For 30 Taylor & Francis journal titles, reviewers completing their reviews in ScholarOne Manuscripts can opt in to have their work automatically verified and submitted to Publons for recognition on their profile.