Journal Citation Reports

Adding Early Access content to Journal Citation Reports: choosing a prospective model

Continuing our discussion of Early Access (EA) content and its planned appearance in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR)™, here we explain why we have chosen a phased, prospective approach to introduce EA content in 2021. For the past three years, Clarivate has been expanding the number of publishers and journals that have their early access […]

The literature review | your definitive guide (2020)

This is our ultimate guide on how to write a narrative literature review. It forms part of our Research Smarter series. Learn more best practice tips by registering for our upcoming webinar.   How do you write a narrative literature review? Researchers worldwide are increasingly reliant on literature reviews. That’s because review articles provide you […]

How to find the right journal for your research (using actual data)

Want to help your research flourish? We share tips for using publisher-neutral data and statistics to find the right journal for your research paper. The right journal helps your research flourish. It puts you in the best position to reach a relevant and engaged audience, and can extend the impact of your paper through a […]

Introducing new open access data in Journal Citation Reports

At Clarivate, we’re always looking for ways to make the process of scientific discovery faster, more robust and more transparent. We believe a large part of this can be achieved through embracing open research – including open access (OA) and open science – and we support the many different activities, products and facets of open […]

Find top journals in a research field: a step-by-step guide

This blog about how to find top journals is part of our Research Smarter series. Download our cheat sheet, which brings together top tips for finding relevant journals, papers, and authors in your field, sign up for our webinar on the same topic or read the related blog posts for each, here. Finding relevant journals […]

New from the Institute for Scientific Information: Beyond single-point metrics

In the complex matter of assessing research and researchers, simple metrics have their place. For example, when used advisedly in properly limited and matched comparisons, the h-index measurement – which specifies the convergence point of an author’s productivity and citation impact – can identify influential researchers in a precisely defined field. Similarly, the Journal Impact […]

Refresh of the Journal Citation Reports data

Although Journal Citation Reports is known for its annual release, we also provide a data refresh approximately three months later, to allow us to apply corrections to individual journals. This includes adding information and metrics for journals whose data was not complete in time for June. This year’s refresh brings the total number of journals […]

What’s new in JCR?

On June 26th, Journal Citation Reports was released with both the new 2017 data and innovative levels of transparency and journal intelligence captured in an enhanced journal profile page. This blog article looks at the new profile page features. The new journal profile page tells a story about that journal. At the very top is […]

The 2018 JCR is here!

Clarivate Analytics is pleased to announce that the 2018 Journal Citation Reports (based on 2017 data) has been released today. The latest update to the JCR includes 11,655 total journals across 234 disciplines and 80 countries. On average, Journal Impact Factor scores increased by 10%.     The latest update to the JCR includes 11,655 […]

Journal analysis: More than just Impact Factor

Although Journal Impact Factor is perhaps the best-known metric provided by Clarivate Analytics, it is only one of several available indicators for assessing journal performance and influence. Here, I use the benchmarking tool InCites, built on the Web of Science foundation, to highlight other indicators that may be of interest to users. To examine journal […]

Journal Citation Reports Data Refresh

Journal Citation Reports releases annually, but we also provide a data refresh approximately three months later, to allow for journals whose data was not complete to be added and receive all of their metrics. For this year’s refresh, 28 journals were added to Journal Citation Reports. For full information about this update, please see the […]