Systematic review tips every librarian should know

Read our systematic review tips for librarians. Learn what they are and discover best-practice search tips and guides for researchers at your institution. You can also register for our webinar to learn more.   Librarians bring unique value to the systematic review process. Your knowledge of databases and search strategies can help researchers at your […]

The literature review | your definitive guide

This is our ultimate guide on how to write a narrative literature review. It forms part of our Research Smarter series. Learn more best practice tips by registering for our upcoming webinar.   How do you write a narrative literature review? Researchers worldwide are increasingly reliant on literature reviews. That’s because review articles provide you […]

Three tips to save hundreds of hours writing research papers

This blog about writing research papers is part of our Research Smarter series. This series is dedicated to helping you get familiar with your research field. Wath our on-demand webinar, ‘Tips to save hundreds of hours writing research papers’ and read the related blog posts in our series. A well-referenced manuscript is central to sound, […]

Young statistician aims to predict the risk of deadly cancer with a blood test

A new prediction model could identify adults at high risk of colorectal cancer using the full blood count, says Oxford Statistician, Pradeep Virdee. This blog post originally appeared on the Publons™ blog.   More than 860,000 people died of colorectal cancer in 2018, making it one of the world’s deadliest cancers. It’s also the third […]

Eight Ways (and More) To Find and Access Research Papers

This blog is part of our Research Smarter series. You’ll discover the various search engines, databases and data repositories to help you along the way. Click on any of the following links for in an in-depth look at how to find relevant research papers, journals, and authors for your next project using the Web of […]

Researching smarter with EndNote X9

With the release of EndNote X9, the newest version of its reference-management software, Clarivate Analytics deepens its commitment to helping researchers concentrate on their primary goal: Creating important, impactful research.”   With research now a global enterprise, collaboration with large, international teams has become the norm. In fact, 43% of papers published in the last […]

Top things to do while preparing for your dissertation defense

You’ve written the defining work of your academic career – and now it’s time to defend it. The prospect of explaining your research and answering questions about it in front of a committee of experts can certainly be daunting. Fortunately, you know the subject matter deeply, so success is mostly a matter of presentation and […]

Structuring a media analysis

Be it television, books, blogs, email or Twitter, media shapes human cultures, perceptions and reactions to events. Because so much of the information we consume is through the media, studying media is a valuable – and fascinating – way to gain understanding of the lenses through which we view various topics and issues.

EndNote X8 is here!

When you use EndNote, you will research smarter, leaving behind the tedious work of creating and formatting bibliographies, finding full-text articles, and searching for previously saved notes and references.