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The changing research landscape of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey [Report]

The period of exceptional growth and impact that we examine in our most recent Global Research Report is unsurprising given the MENAT region’s history of deep commitment to knowledge and learning.   I am very proud to have supported the creation of a new Global Research Report from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™ which […]

Citation analysis: how to calibrate your library collection in uncertain times

Citation analysis makes collection management decisions easy. Learn what this rich, data-driven method involves, and which tools can better inform your library collecting activities. Library collections are fundamental to the integrity of education and research at an institution. They provide high-quality material that students and faculty need to operate at an excellent standard. Despite this, […]

2018 Research Fronts report: Updating science’s hottest fields

For the daunting task of identifying particularly active areas of current research, citation analysis provides a proven resource. The concept underlying Research Fronts (a component of the Web of Science from Clarivate Analytics) leverages a reliably enduring and imperative convention in science: the obligation of authors to acknowledge the influence of previous work by explicitly […]

Analyzing South Korea’s Highly Cited Researchers

Korea has increased its number of Highly Cited Researchers by 60% since 2014.  With its annual announcement and updated listing of Highly Cited Researchers (HCRs), Clarivate Analytics identifies an elite corps of scientists. Although differing in geographic location and specialty areas, the HCRs share one notable trait: a documented ability to write multiple papers that […]

Altmetrics and Citation Analysis: Using Web of Science to examine the correlation

A recent post introduced a survey examining mentions of Clarivate Analytics Web of Science in the scientific literature. The papers culled for the survey – numbering nearly 20,000 – primarily derived from the fields of scientometrics or bibliometrics. That is, the selected papers examined, in some aspect, the dimensions and dynamics of research itself. Here, […]