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Virtual Course

Next Course April 24 – 27, 2023

Class begins each day at 8:00 AM Eastern Time US


  • Improve the ability for Managing Editors and Journal Administrators to assist Editors, Reviewers and Authors with their tasks by giving you in-depth knowledge of the peer review workflow process.
  • Become a master at email template design and know when and where to add templates to improve communications.
  • Learn how to create unique page-specific instructions for areas like the home page and author center.
  • Create custom statistics about your journal using Cognos reports.
  • Make informed decisions about additional features that can be added to sites, such as labels for flags and CRediT taxonomy for authors.


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On-Demand training

Learn more about your role & tasks with our recorded sessions.

Editor overview

  • Editor dashboard
  • Submission header
  • Manuscript Information tab
    • Plagiarism checking
  • Audit Trail tab
  • Select, invite, and assign reviewers
  • Track overdue reviews
  • View reviews
  • Rescind reviews
  • Editor recommendations and/or decision
  • Get Help Now

Admin overview

  • Admin dashboard
  • Searches – simple, quick, and advanced
  • Admin tools
    • User administration
    • Set up
  • Manuscript Information tab
  • Audit Trail
  • Manuscript Files tab
  • Help

Reporting essentials

  • Overview & Navigation
    • Standard Reports
    • Build Your Own Reports
  • Report Examples
    • Standard Reports
    • Building Your Own Reports
    • Scheduling Reports

Additional learning resources

Training Portal

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Training/Personalized Services


Please contact your Publisher if you require additional training or services with your site.


Please create a case with support ( if our services are needed to assist with the following:

  1. Role-based training for customized workflow journal sites
  2. Site Review – Getting the most out of features in ScholarOne Manuscripts
    *Site review does not include consulting on workflow or configuration changes
    *Please contact Client Solutions for these requests (
  3. Reports Consult – assistance with building a custom report
  4. Email Templates Consult – assistance with review of current templates
  5. Client Configuration Training – Must have Publisher approval