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Active Incidents

Master case number: 191213-0940702
Defect: 33896
Issue: When the recommendation task is overdue and the Reject with Transfer is made, it is not possible to modify the list of “transfer to journals” options selected
Date Reported: 13 December 2019
Status: Defect created.
Workaround: Extending the due date for the task should resolve the issue. If you do not have an option to do this, please contact support


Master case number: 191206-0939269
Defect:  33886
Issue: When authors try to access their transferred manuscript the page is broken. This will happen if the receiving site has Prefill option turned on
Date Reported: 06 December 2019
Status: Defect created.
Workaround: The Prefill option should be turned off until issue is resolved


Master case number: 191210-0939867
Issue: The system logs users out when they try to navigate away from a page due to bad instructions
Date Reported: 10 December 2019
Status: If the instructions you had configured prior to the release are now breaking the page(s), please submit a case with the subject “4. 26 Broken instructions” and we will correct them for you. You will be logged out every time you try to navigate away from a page with bad instructions. This is due to stricter HTML rules that were applied to the system in order to further prevent issues with the display.


Master case number: 191111-0933764
Defect: 33878
Issue: Reviewer Locator Usage Report is showing lower numbers than it should because RL suggested reviewers who already exist as users on that site are not counting towards the usage statistics.
Date Reported: 11 Novembar 2019
Status: Defect created.

Master case number: 191220-0942070
Defect: 33897
Issue: If the option ‘Display Recent Co-Authors Search’ is turned on, when you create a stub and go to add more submission details,  an error on the Authors & institutions step will appear
Date Reported: 20 December 2019
Date Resolved:  30 Januar 2019


Master case number: 191124-0936290
Issue: The system logs users out when they click on the HTML proof button
Defect: 33850
Date Reported: 24 November 2019
Date Resolved: 26 November 2019
Status: Defect was resolved but we were unable to fix already affected manuscripts. To fix the manuscript, as an Admin, go to Manuscript Files tab > Edit Details button and click on the SAVE button in the window that appears. If you need any assistance, please contact support.

Master case number: 190923-0925744
Issue: Depending on the Outlook version, adding the ICS field to a calendar sometimes does not show the correct journal URL and it can result in an error.
Defect: 33832
Date Reported: 23 September 2019
Status: Defect created.

Master case number:  190925-0926249
Issue:  The Recommendation task was completed but the status stayed “Make Recommendation.” The recommendation does not appear on the Manuscript Information page. The Audit Trail does show greyed out entries around the of the issues on the ScholarOne side.
Date Reported:  24 September 2019
Date Resolved:  30 September 2019


Master case number:  190925-0926268
Issue:  Reviewers submitted a review but it is not recorded. If you go to the Audit Trail there is a greyed out section without any information around the time of the issues on the ScholarOne side and when reviewers said they submitted the review.
Date Reported:  24 September 2019
Date Resolved:  30 September 2019
Fix:  We have submitted all affected reviews in the background.


Master case number:  190925-0926349
Issue:  Reviewers selected automatically moved to invited status but no invitation emails were sent
Date Reported:  25 September 2019
Date Resolved:  07-Oct-2019
Fix:  This was caused by the issue we experienced while deploying 4.25.1 release. We have found all affected manuscripts and alerted the admins on the few journals where the reviewers needed to be re-invited.


Master case number:  190729-0916916
Defect Number:  33509
Issue:  Hyperlink email templates cannot be deactivated but they can be deleted
Date Reported:  29 July 2019
Date Resolved:  10-Oct-2019

Master case number:  190923-0925744
Issue:  When creating a Stub with the latest version of Google Chrome, the “Add Stub Submission Details” button is missing. It does appear in other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Defect:  33654
Date Reported:  23 September 2019
Status:  Defect created.


Master case number:  190816-0920071
Defect Number:  33598
Issue:  If you use the Merge Duplicate Users search from the Admin center and have a large number of results, clicking on Mark for Merge for any of account results without first selecting a Primary Account, the results will jump to the start of the list.
Date Reported:  27 August 2019
Status:  Defect created.


Master case number:  190719-0915422
Defect Number:  33536
Issue:  For some journals that have a description next to Cover Letter or Abstract during the submission process, the new buttons in the Header of the manuscript also pull that description for Cover Letter and Abstract links.
Date Reported:  25 July 2019
Status:  Defect created.


Master case number:  190718-0915313
Defect Number:  33539
Issue:  The “Updated by” label in the email templates is showing the name of the user who last triggered the email or a user who viewed the body of the template without making any changes.
It is caused by the changes being made in the background that have to do with the HTML Editor for emails functionality. Even when it’s not enabled on a site, the system still does the conversion in the background the first time a template is triggered or viewed from the admin or configuration center, to ensure that if the HTML Editor is turned on the emails are sent properly formatted. When the defect fix is released, it is expected that when any email template is changed by the system and no edit has been made by a user, the “Updated by …” copy should state, “Updated by system” until a change to the template is made by a user.
Date Reported:  25 July 2019
Status:  Defect created.

Master case number:  190421-0901182
Defect number:  33163
Issue:  If the journal is using ORCID Log In option, Admins will no longer be able to edit passwords for users with Author/Reviewer roles.
Date Reported:  21 Apr 2019
Status:  Defect created.


Master case number:  190405-0898704
Defect number:  33135
Issue:  Create a new user account link is missing from the Admin Screen when a search is conducted and no results are found.
Date Reported:  19 Apr 2019
Status:  Defect created.


Master case number:  190326-0896113
Defect number:  33188
Issue:  Invitation emails are not created when reviewers are promoted from the alternate list if the previous reviewer declined through reviewer center instead of using the URL link.
Date Reported:  26 March 2019
Status:  Defect created.


Master case number:  190228-0891628
Defect number:  33077
Issue:  Web Service notifications are not created for all task status changes consistently. The analysis of the issue so far shows that pick, invite and assign task status changes are intermittently affected.
Date Reported: 28 Feb 2019
Status:  Defect created.


Master case number: 191021-0930205
Issue:  Duplicate submission tool is not always finding results as it should.
Date Reported: 21 Oct 2019
Investigating. We are attempting to further repair the Elastic indexes. They have self-healed to some extent after certain changes were made by the developers in the background, but there are still some issues that need to be addressed and further root cause analysis performed.


Master case number: 190726-0916626
Defect number: 33513
Issue: When the HTML Editor for Emails is enabled, only emails that are set to be ‘edit before sending’, i.e. which pop-up on the screen, are sent with proper formatting. Those that are not, arrive as one block of text with no line breaks. However, as soon as you edit the template in question and save without making any changes, the email will arrive properly formatted.
Date Reported: 28 Feb 2019
Status: Defect created.