The ScholarOne Product Team is actively engaged in ongoing upgrades to security, performance, and user experience. Our release notes contain notable improvements made to the platform and tools, as well as key defect fixes and optimizations. Click through to recent release notes for full-text updates, PDF downloads, and translations.

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Recent Releases

June 2021
ScholarOne Manuscripts Q2.2021 
  • 2  Step Device Authentication
  • Author Search
  • Save Prompt for Reviewers
  • Publisher Portal Report: Journal Summary Report

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March 2021
ScholarOne Manuscripts Q1.2021 
  • Open Access Updates
  • Document Analysis Updates
  • Web of Science Reviewer Locator

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Nov 2020
ScholarOne Manuscripts Q4.2020 (v4.26.4)
  • E-mail Tag Accessibility Improvement
  • Manuscript Flags to XML
  • Ground Work for Unified Login

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Aug 2020
ScholarOne Manuscripts Q3.2020 (v4.26.3)
  • Submission Integration Updates
  • Submission Prefill: PDF Support
  • Script Reduction: Unusual Activity Detector

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Release Archive

ScholarOne Manuscripts Q2.2020

English | Chinese | French Japanese  | Portuguese  | Spanish

  • Script Reduction
  • Submission Integration Improvements
  • Manuscript Flags

ScholarOne Manuscripts Q1.2020

English   |   Chinese   |   French  |   Japanese   |   Portuguese   |   Spanish

  • Code Ocean Integration
  • Updates and Full Launch of Submission Prefill
  • Integration of UNSILO’s Technical Checks Feature
  • Author Added After Revision Alert
  • Pagination in Author and Reviewer Centers
  • ORCID iD Instant Save
  • Re-Invite Reviewer After Decline
  • Versioning Updates on Email Templates
  • Improved Search Navigation
  • Tooltip Added to Note Title
  • Rich-Text Editor for Email Templates and Page Instructions
ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.26

English   |   Chinese   |   French  |   Japanese   |   Portuguese   |   Spanish

  • Lock changes on author list
  • Simplified addition of past co-authors
  • UAD widget in Document Analysis tool
  • Ringgold Institution Updating Enhancements
  • Option to Remove All Files
  • New ID field Added for Tracking Transfers
  • Support for Promotional Codes in RightsLink Integrations
  • Custom ORCID messaging by Role

ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.25.1 (English)


  • Calendar Invitations
  • Password Field Improvements
  • Submission Prefill Beta Updates
  • Document Analysis Beta
  • Support for Improved Rendering of Chinese and Japanese Fonts
  • Added Notifications for User Account Changes
  • Update to Document-Based Tags on Proof

ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.25 (English)


  • Submission Prefill Beta
  • Document Analysis Beta
  • GDPR Footer Update

ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.24 (English)


  • ORCID Log In
  • Transfer Enhancements
  • CRediT Taxonomy Integration
  • Conversation Tool Updates
  • Document-Based Tags in Proof
  • GDPR Admin Removal
  • Broadcast Email Search Change
  • Publons Credit for Completed Reviews
  • Ringgold Connection Alert
  • Update to Conflict Alerts in Advanced Reviewer Search
  • Publons Reviewer Connect

ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.23 (English)


  • Account-Level Changes for GDPR Readiness
  • Enhancements to the Unusual Activity Detection Tool
  • Changes to System Email
  • Asynchronous File Conversion
  • Clarivate Analytics Rebranding: Phase 2
  • Character Limits for Custom Questions
  • Custom Account Badging

ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 (English)


  • Submission Integration
  • Unusual Activity Detection
  • Branding Changes
  • Publons Opt-In Question
  • Quick Links on the Reviewer Scoresheet
  • ORCID v2.0 API Upgrade
  • Language Support for Portuguese and Spanish

ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.21 (English)


  • New Review Center
  • Person Attribute Fields in Cognos Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Funder Fields in Cognos Reporting
  • Original Submission Date in CCC-RightsLink
  • New ORCID Logo

ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.20 (English)


  • Redesigned Log In
  • Enhanced Reset Password process
  • Improved interstitial pages
  • New Incomplete Profile Intercept
  • Usability and Design Enhancements
  • Site Acceleration in China
  • Conversation Tool for Editors
  • Updates to Supported Browsers, Operating Systems, and Country List
  • Validation for Email Format
  • Funder Reporting
  • Confirmations for Deeplinked Email Responses

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