Solutions to Common Issues

To check the status of your submission in our system, log into your ScholarOne Manuscripts account, and click on “Author.” Under the Author Dashboard Section, click on “Submitted Manuscripts.”

For more information, please reference this article or contact the journal directly (from the Login page, click “Journal Home” to be taken to their website).

If you have experienced any of the issues listed below, please follow the corresponding instructions:

  • File upload fails with a general error
  • I cannot upload a cover letter
  • PDF proof is not showing the latest file additions or changes
  • I am seeing a 500 Error
  • My account keywords are not saving
  • I get logged out after saving the changes
  • Information I entered is not saving
  • General error that says “please contact support”

To resolve ALL of the issues listed above, please clear the browser cache and restart your browser.

Most Web browsers have a cache, or storage area. Web pages are stored in the cache, along with the Web address. Once the capacity of the cache is exceeded, newer Web pages replace ones that you visited earlier. Sometimes your browser may use an out-of-date page from the cache rather than pulling from the website for a current copy.

On PC browsers: Press CTRL+SHIFT and hold and then press DELETE key on your keyboard. Depending on the browser, you will see a new tab open or a new window with the options to clear the cache. Please be sure to restart the browser after clearing cache. For detailed instructions on clearing your browser cache, please see this page.

If you:

  • Are unable to type in your email address when creating or editing your account or trying to log in
  • Have reset your password and are still getting an “Incorrect User ID or Password” error

This issue is caused by having the AutoFill feature enabled in your browser. AutoFill functions like a copy and paste function, which is not permitted in the email address field when creating an account or logging into a journal submission site.

The email address must be manually typed into the email address field. The AutoFill feature can be disabled by accessing these instructions via the links below:

You can add the institution affiliation regardless of its name not appearing in the predictive search list in order to complete the manuscript submission or when adding an affiliation to your account. Just type in the name of the Institution and the system will memorize it.

The exclamation mark that appears next to the Institution’s name is there only to indicate the Institution is not indexed in the Ringgold database.

To find more information about search tips or when the ScholarOne Manuscripts Ringgold data was updated last, please visit this page.


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