The following items represent notable improvements made to the platform and tools in this release, as well as key defect fixes and optimizations. This document also provides information about default configuration values and instructions for configuring each feature. Please note that some features must be activated by your ScholarOne representative to benefit from the new functionality; contact your Client Implementation Manager (CIM) for questions around permission or configurations.

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This release contains no DTD changes and no ISO changes.

ScholarOne Abstracts v4.17.1 (June 2020)

New Version of the API

Action Required

For more details, please contact your Client Implementation manager.

Details & Configuration

Deployed a new version of the API which includes a new format, new fields and is now easier to track fields when changes have been made.

  • All fields are tracked and flagged each time a change is made to ensure your data is always up to date.
  • We added a Date/Time modified field as a secondary option to track updates.
  • We updated the time zone to UTC which is more in line with best practices.
  • We trimmed down the data in Session API to and removed much of the abstract data that was a duplication o data from the Abstracts API. This will make the process much more efficient and straightforward.

Importing Category Assignments

Added the ability to import category assignments on the client configuration page in the Admin Center.

Action Required

There is a new Import page under Client Configuration. The Import/Update Abstracts and User Import & Transfer have also been moved to the Import page.

On the Category Assignments tab, you will need to download the Import Template, Roles and Categories resources. These files will provide the base template needed for the import and the possible roles and categories that can be assigned.

Note: Each line of the import template represents a single assignment. If a user has more than one assignment, there would need to be a line for each of their assignments.

You will also want to initiate a User Export to get a list of person IDs needed for the import.

Person ID, Role ID and Category ID fields are required to make a successful assignment. Once you have the import template completed and saved as a csv you will be able test the import for any errors. To begin, click Select File, and locate the csv template you just saved.

Next, click on the Start Category Assignments dropdown. If this is your first attempt to import the file, we recommend running a test to ensure there are no errors.

Once the job is completed, you can download a log and review the status of each assignment. We keep a log history for each assignment as shown below.

Presenters Member ID added to Search

Added the ability to report on the Presenter’s Member ID.

Action Required

This feature is available by default.

Details & Configuration

In the Admin Search tool, you can now add the Presenter’s Member ID as a display item.

Exporting Tables as Images

Added the ability to convert tables created during submission to images.

Action Required

This feature is available for custom exports, please discuss with your Client Implementation Manager.

Details & Configuration

Tables can now be exported as images through custom exports in the Export Tool.

System Email Status

We changed the font color for Active system emails, so it is easier to differentiate which emails are Active or Inactive.

Action Required

This feature is available by default.

Details & Configuration

Under the System Email Templates tab, Active emails will now appear with a green font as shown below.

Support Email Updated

We updated the support email across all sites to direct users to our new email address

Action Required

This feature is available by default.

Notable Defect Fixes & Functionality Optimizations

Exchange Bin
Fixed an issue that when a site is configured with sub-categories, making a category and sub-category selection are required to successfully reassign from the Exchange Bin.

Importing Session Decisions
Fixed an issue where default presentation and session durations were not being set for session proposals where decisions were imported.

Session Builder
Fixed an issue where the session builder page was not refreshing after an abstract was unassigned.

Fixed an issue where there was a delay in conflict alerts when updating presentation times.