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Publisher Analytics Reports are structured, complete and ready-to-use reports bringing data together in a range of publication-focused analyses. Based on Web of Science, InCites and, where appropriate, data from ScholarOne or your editorial system, our reports help you understand the performance of your journals – and your competitors – and what drives that performance.

Combining our high-quality Web of Science data with analytical indicators from InCites Benchmarking & Analytics and Journal Citation Reports, our reports help you to uncover publishing trends, identify which authors, institutions and countries influence impact, and benchmark a journal against its subject peers.

Uncover the impact of accepted papers and the performance of editors and content sections and chart the fate of rejected papers – are they published elsewhere and what impact do they have? Identify hot trends, emerging topics, and understand which publishers and journals have impact in a field.

About Web of Science data

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    Web of Science data are uniquely selective, based on an independent editorial process combined with over 50 years of essential, accurate and unique curation, resulting in our unparalleled data structure.
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    Every article from every journal has been indexed, creating a comprehensive and complete data network.

We provide you with trusted insights based on our leading Web of Science data

Web of Science data

All reports are underpinned by Web of Science data and InCites analytics. Our selective and structured data leads to better results and decisions.

Underlying datasets are included for further analysis.

Ready-to-distribute reports

Our simple-to-use reports are ready to be shared with internal and external journal stakeholders, saving you valuable time and effort.

Straightforward and easy to understand

Our reports provide you with accessible and straightforward editorial and business insights, with data brought together in a single analysis.

Bespoke reporting options

We offer tailored options to suit your business needs.

Journal Performance Analytics report

The Journal Performance Analytics report provides you with a comprehensive summary of journal publication performance in the Web of Science Core Collection (including the Emerging Sources Citation Index) over a set period. With the option to compare a journal to selected other publications, the report includes information on: 

  • publication output, including document/citation share in its field
  • Journal Impact Factor (JIF) trend and average JIF percentile
  • regional authorship and impact, as well as contributing organizations and funders
  • citing journals and their contribution.

Publishing Output Analysis report

The Publishing Output Analysis report allows you to bring together editorial and publication data in a single analysis to uncover what drives your journal’s publication impact and performance. For each accepted article, the report allows you to: 

  • analyze which papers get cited and which don’t 
  • benchmark published papers with normalized indicators 
  • determine which journals are citing your articles 
  • link editors and article types/content sections with their citation performance.

Subject Area/Opportunity Analysis report

The Subject Area/Opportunity Analysis report provides you with a complete overview of specific subject areas. The report identifies: 

  • key journals and publishers within a subject field and their ‘market share’ 
  • key institutions, countries and funders 
  • geographical contributions to journals and publishers in the subject area
  • full open access analysis by journal and publisher.


Funding/Institutional/Regional Analyses report

Based on data from our InCites Benchmarking & Analytics package, these reports provide snapshots of contributions to your journals from funding agencies, authors and their institutional and regional affiliation. This report allows you to:

  • gain an insight into what contributes to your journals
  • identify patterns in funding collaborations 
  • understand who your authors receive funding from 
  • consider the impact of funding mandates on your publication output.

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