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Researchers routinely collaborate on a global scale. They need help in streamlining their efforts and cutting out the time-consuming task of manually creating, maintaining and sharing reference lists while managing input from colleagues worldwide.

EndNote™ X9 is the reference-management software that frees researchers from the laborious task of manually collecting and curating their research materials and formatting bibliographies.

Giving researchers greater ease and control when coordinating with multiple colleagues, EndNote X9 works in a Windows, IOS, Mac, or multi-platform environment.

Harnessing Web of Science™ data, EndNote X9 provides quick access to the best research, helping researchers make informed decisions for journal submissions.

Key benefits

By providing an institutional site license for EndNote X9, you can help your students and faculty research smarter.

Supports global collaboration

Work from a single reference library with up to 100 people, no matter where they are located or what organization they are affiliated with. Now with X9, users can give read and write or read-only access to their library.

Delivers your subscription journal content in one click

Initiate a search for full-text PDFs across your institution’s subscriptions and freely available sources. When the article is found, it will be automatically attached to the related reference.

Overcomes research limitations

Unlimited storage means your researchers can store and share as many references, documents and files as they need – a necessity for successful collaboration.

Sorts through years of work in seconds

Search across reference metadata, full-text journal articles, file attachments and personal annotations and notes, to locate the research users need in just seconds.

Cites it correctly the first time

Insert citations and references from their EndNote library into their manuscript and automatically build a bibliography in over 7,000 styles right from Microsoft Word.

Determines the impact of references

With a Web of Science subscription, users can generate a Citation Report to determine the impact and relevance of a group of references.

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