About Publisher Relations

The Publisher Relations Department of Clarivate Analytics is a targeted liaison team with the goal of building effective partnerships with publishers of scholarly literature. We work with publishers and their distribution groups to obtain content for evaluation and inclusion in Clarivate Analytics products. Other key functions for Publisher Relations are to:

  • present content selection policies and procedures to the publishing community
  • work with publishers to transition our receipt of print publications to electronic
  • contact publishers to claim missing content
  • point publishers to Sales and Customer Education for product subscriptions and training options.

Publisher Relations journals

Clarivate Analytics is committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the world’s most important and influential journals to meet its subscribers’ current awareness and retrospective information retrieval needs. Today, the Web of Science Core Collection™  covers over 21,000 top-tier international and regional journals in every area of the natural sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

Many factors are taken into account when evaluating journals for coverage in Web of Science Core Collection , ranging from the qualitative to the quantitative. The Web of Science™ editors who perform journal evaluations have educational backgrounds relevant to their areas of responsibility. Because they monitor virtually every new scholarly journal published, they are also experts in the literature of their fields.

Journal FAQs

How do I submit a journal for evaluation?

If you have not done so already, please read our Editorial Selection Process before submitting a journal for evaluation. Please go to our Electronic Journal Submission page to submit your journal for evaluation.

Please submit one format of the journal – either electronic or print. We want to evaluate the most complete and authoritative version of the journal.

To submit a print journal, please:

(1) establish an ongoing, complimentary subscription to the title for Clarivate Analytics

(2) send the most current issue of the journal

(3) as soon as it is published, forward each subsequent issue to the following address:

Clarivate Analytics
ATTN: Publication Processing
1500 Spring Garden Street
Fourth Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19130 USA

What issues of my journal should I send for evaluation?

We evaluate only current and upcoming issues. Back issues are not part of the review process. A minimum of three consecutive current issues will need to be evaluated. The publisher must provide full access to consecutive current issues, as they are published, one at a time, to Clarivate Analytics, throughout the evaluation process until a decision is made on coverage.

Is there a format preference for journals?

In our evaluations and production processes, we would like to use the most complete and authoritative version of the journal. This is often considered the version of record. Current industry practices have electronic formats provided to us more often than print. We can work with print or electronic formats, but we prefer electronic.

What is the status of my journal submission?

Please use our Journal Evaluation Status Request page to complete a request form.

Did you receive my initial submission for evaluation?

We acknowledge electronic submissions on a regular basis. However, this is only for the initial submission. Subsequent issues do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt. You can check on the status of your evaluation by filling out the Journal Evaluation Status form.

Is there a cost for evaluation and selection?

There is no cost involved in either the evaluation or selection process.

What is a Journal Impact Factor?

The Journal Impact Factor™ is a journal performance metric produced annually by Clarivate Analytics. The Journal Impact Factor reflects the citation use of a scholarly work by the surrounding literature; it is not directly applicable to the evaluation of individual papers, authors or other non-journal collections.

“A journal’s impact factor is based on two elements: the numerator, which is the number of cites in the current year to any items published in the journal in the previous 2 years; and the denominator, the number of substantive articles (source items*) published in the same 2 years.” (Garfield, 2005).

*Source items: original research papers, reviews and proceedings papers.

How do I get a Journal Impact Factor published for my journal?

Only journals indexed in either the Science Citation Index Expanded™ or the Social Science Citation Index™ are candidates for a Journal Impact Factor. Please check our  Master Journal List  to see if your journal is covered in either of these two databases.

Publisher Relations books

In October of 2011, Clarivate Analytics launched the Book Citation Index™ as an edition of Web of Science. The content is comprised of scholarly books, both series and non-series that present fully referenced articles of original research, or reviews of the literature.

As with the journal and proceedings literature, books are also selected according to a well-defined set of criteria. By careful evaluation of the form and content of each publication, Clarivate Analytics assures not only that all citation indexes in Web of Science  will contain the most relevant and timely research, but also that rigorous Bibliographic Control will ensure that this research is discoverable.

What type of books are considered for inclusion?

  • The Book Citation Index will cover only scholarly books that present fully referenced articles of original research, or reviews of the literature.
  • The Book Citation Index will cover both series and non-series books.
  • Books with copyright from the current or previous five years are considered for coverage in the Book Citation Index.

A recent change to our selection criteria, and the addition of more content, demonstrate the unique nature of scholarly books and how they fit into the broader world of researched content. The biggest change is the introduction of non-English language books, an expansion based on feedback from our users.

Publisher Relations proceedings

Conference proceedings published in books are known to be a popular vehicle for scholarly communication in the physical sciences, particularly engineering.

However, in fast-moving areas of the biomedical sciences, conference proceedings are more typically published in journals. In the life sciences, for example, a rapid dissemination of critical information is essential and journals provide the best medium for this.

Conference proceedings published in journals

The proceedings published in journals are selectively covered from any of the journals covered in Web of Science.  As part of the indexing process, each journal article is classified as to document type.  If the article is actually a paper delivered at a conference then it is coded as such and automatically included in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index with full conference information. The journals that include proceedings are selected for coverage according to the criteria detailed in the Journal Selection Process Essay.

Conference proceedings published as books

Conference proceedings published as books are acquired and selected according to a set of specialized guidelines. Clarivate Analytics staff are in regular direct communication with every major scholarly publisher, and many professional societies and associations who publish and/or sponsor professional conferences and who submit their publications for evaluation and coverage in the CPCI. The Clarivate Analytics Editorial Development team evaluates each volume of conference proceedings we receive according to a set of well-established criteria. Read the Conference Proceedings Selection Essay.

Steps for submitting a conference proceeding

If the conference proceedings are publishing in print only, please send the volumes to the following address:

Publication Processing
Clarivate Analytics
1500 Spring Garden Street
Fourth Floor
PA 19130

If the conference proceedings are publishing online (XML, PDF or a combination of formats) please send information on free electronic access to tr.pubrelations-proceedings@clarivate.com. This email address may also be used if you wish to recommend coverage of a particular conference.

Proceedings FAQs

How do I submit my conference proceedings for evaluation?

Please read our Conference Proceedings Selection Process essay before submitting conference proceedings for evaluation.

What format or medium will you accept?

We will accept proceedings for evaluation in either print or electronic format. We prefer electronic. Please provide only one format. For proceedings submitted electronically, we require full-text PDF format. Please provide web access or a link where the PDFs can be downloaded.

We will not accept proceedings on CD or DVD, or sent through email.
For any questions, please contact publisher.relations@clarivate.com

Where can I send printed proceedings to?

For print, please send one copy of the proceedings to:

Clarivate Analytics
Attention: Publications Processing
1500 Spring Garden Street
4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19130


How long will it take for a decision to be made?

Like all editions of Web of Science, there is a limit to the number of conferences that we can index each year. It is dependent upon our product needs at a particular time. Our requests are currently very high, which makes us even more highly selective. It also affects the time required for completion of the evaluation, which can take several months.

Is there a cost for evaluation and selection?

There is no cost involved in either the evaluation or selection process.

Do you guarantee coverage of previously covered conferences?

There is no guarantee of coverage for any conference, regardless of whether it has been covered in the past or not. It is dependent upon our product needs at a particular time.

Will you consider proceedings older than the “current or previous four years?”

We do not accept proceedings older than the current or previous four years. For more information, please see our Conference Proceedings Selection Process essay

How do you handle proceedings published in journals?

We only index proceedings in those journals covered in the Web of Science. Please see our  Master Journal List  for those titles.

Editorial integrity

The robust evaluation and curation of our data make the Web of Science Core Collection the world’s most trusted publisher-independent global citation database.

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