Web of Science Release Notes, October 12 2023

Personalized Article recommendations alert, Researcher Profile’s citing patent analysis by subject category, Career Summary CV, Sharing a Researcher Profile and more...

Personalized Article Recommendations alert

In this release, we are excited to introduce the new personalized article recommendations alert. Signed-in users with an institutional subscription to the Web of Science Core Collection will be able to create this alert from either (1) the “Recommended for you” homepage widget or from (2) the Saved Searches and Alerts management page.

(1) ‘Recommended for you’ widget

(2) Saved searches and Alerts > Recommendations alert

Users will be able to choose their preferred source for recommendations; articles from search history, articles from Marked Lists or authored articles for Researcher Profile owners.  Once the alert is created, it will be sent out on a monthly frequency, and an ‘Alert created’ label will be shown in the homepage widget.

Please note, alert creation requires users to be signed in so that the alert can be sent to the registered email address. Recipient address can be changed under the alerts management settings.


Citing patents – analyze by subject category

In this latest release we are bringing ‘Analyze Results’ to the Researcher Profile Metrics Dashboard to provide subject category-level analysis of patents citing the researcher’s publications.

If a claimed researcher profile has citing patent metrics associated with them, click the ‘Open dashboard button’ button, then scroll down to the end of the dashboard:

Find the section heading ‘Patent metrics from the Derwent Innovations Index’.

Please note, this subject category analysis requires a subscription to the Derwent Innovations Index. You can find out more about this database here.

For further analyses on the citing patents click the ‘Go to analyze results’ link at the bottom or hover over the individual subject category tiles and click ‘View Records’.

Citing patent metrics are currently available for claimed profiles only.


Career Summary CV export for Researcher Profiles

Web of Science Researcher Profile owners can take advantage of a new, additional CV export format.

Along with the existing format which allows for exporting the comprehensive Web of Science Researcher Profile, users can now opt for a more customisable version for their career highlights.

On the CV export page, two radio buttons will allow users to choose between the formats.

The same email delivery and direct download options are available for both CV formats.

This CV by default will limit the inclusion of articles, reviews and editorial board memberships to a maximum of five each, as the intention is to serve as a summary of career highlights.

The new career summary CV introduces custom fields. These are customizable and removable at any time. They may allow users to showcase their websites, code repository or project links, to highlight any teaching experience or past grant applications. At this time, addition of custom fields is limited to three fields.

This CV is also highly customizable; sections can be reordered to highlight items that are more relevant in the user’s application:

We are always looking to improve user experience so please don’t hesitate to submit feedback about the new CV format via the Web of Science Resource Centre (accessible via the purple circle with a question mark)


Share a Researcher Profile and Submit a Correction

In this release, we are excited to introduce the new Share Button for Researcher Profiles.  Users are now able to copy and share the URL of a researcher profile with a simple click. Also, the previous “Remove publications” button is now replaced with the new “Submit a correction” button for users to correct the publication info of the profile.

Please note that unclaimed profiles are only viewable to those with Web of Science access.


Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team