Web of Science Release Notes, March 16 2023

Register your reviewer interest with journals, export 150k records to InCItes, claimed status filter.

Reviewer Interest registration

Users with a Web of Science Researcher Profile can now register their interest as a reviewer for over 13,000 journals.

In the left-hand menu panel, click through Profile > My records > Peer reviews to navigate to the peer review management page.

On this page, select the “Peer Reviewer Interest” tab and then use the ‘Add new reviewer interest’ button in the top page header.

By default, users will be able to search for journals by title. Clicking the ‘A-Z’ button next to the search bar will switch to a browsing mode:

  • Users can select letters of alphabets
  • By selecting a letter, the results displayed will be updated
  • Use pagination to browse through results (pages display up to 30 results)

Click the ‘Save’ button to confirm journal selection, and use the ‘View my reviewer interest’ button to navigate back to the ‘Peer Review Interests’ page.

Export 150k record to InCites

To support improved integration between Web of Science and InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, users who subscribe to InCites will now be able to export 150k records at a time directly to InCites to create custom data sets for analysis.

Improved term highlighting on WoS “panoramic” record view

When your search terms are found across the Web of Science “panoramic” record view, they will be highlighted. When your terms as found you can open the field by clicking on “Search terms found” to see the highlighted search terms in each field.


Claimed status filter in Researcher Search

Researcher Search results can now be filtered to display only claimed or unclaimed profiles. This makes it easier to identify researchers at your institution who have not yet claimed their profile.


RIS Export Format added to BIOSIS Previews

We have provided the RIS export format for many collections in Web of Science, and now it is available in BIOSIS Previews.


Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team