Web of Science Release Notes, June 8 2023

Patent to article citation metric for Web of Science Researcher Profiles

Patent citations

All claimed Web of Science Researcher Profiles will now show new patent citation metrics:

  • Sum of Times Cited by Patents
  • Citing Patents count

The patent citation data records citations from patents in the Derwent Innovations Index to publications in the Web of Science Core Collection. The Citing Patent count is the number of patents that cited at least one Core Collection publication by the researcher.

Look for the “Citing publication” link on the patent records on the Citing Patents summary page to find out exactly which article(s) were cited.

Please note, the Citing Patent count summary is only available through a Derwent Innovations Index subscription.

To find out more about the Derwent Innovations Index please view our help guides and product overviewpages.

Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team