Web of Science Release Notes, July 20 2023

New AI enabled topic and keyword search suggestions; Expanded grant coverage with data from Pivot-RP

New Topic and Keyword Search Suggestions

This latest release introduces a new AI enabled Topic and Keyword Suggestion feature. This feature is available to all users who perform basic or advanced search in ALLDB and WoS Core Collection on Web of Science. Users can modify search in three ways: select from algorithm generated author keywords and topic suggestions or input free text in the search box. This new feature enhances search experience by providing search term suggestions that can help narrow down search and improve search results relevance.

Key Features:

Quick keywords suggestion: On the search results page, users will be presented with a list of keywords. These additional keywords are provided as relevant selections to the search, thus helping users to complete or modify query quickly and effectively.

Simplified Boolean Logic (Should Include, Must Include & Do Not Include): When a user selects one keyword, this is ‘Should Include’ (OR) by default. However, when users select at least 2 keywords (or multiple keywords), they can select to manage search logic from 3-Dot menu to help complete their query with Boolean logics easily and effectively.

Use ‘Should Include’ (OR) to broaden the search and include any of the selected keywords in the results. This will allow users to explore additional topics not coming from content metadata to modify or expand the search to find more relevant records quickly.

‘Must Include’ (AND) will help to narrow down search and ensure that all selected keywords are present in the results, thus helps user to find highly relevant records.

‘Do Not Include’ allow users to exclude specific keywords from the search results. This ensures that certain topics are filtered out.

Topic Suggester: When users click ‘Add Keywords’, they can enter free text or use topic suggestions. As users start typing the query, topic suggestions are provided in real time to help complete their search query. This feature can help users save time and refine a search by suggesting relevant topics related to the research field. I can also help users explore various aspects of the topic of interest.

Add keywords ‘Free Text’: When users click on ‘Add Keywords’, the free text bar allows users to directly enter their own search terms, enabling users to search for specific terms that are important to their research.

Grant Data Expansion

The Web of Science Core Collection expands its grant data coverage through the addition of 25 new funding sources from Pivot-RP. This update will add funding details from over 80k grants and over 330k WoS Core Collection records will have funding details for the first time. Key funding sources include:

  • Welcome Trust
  • National Endowment for the Humanities (US)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Swiss Research Council
  • Academy of Finland
  • US Department of Energy (DOE)