Web of Science Release Notes, February 23 2023

Profile Settings Navigation, Improved display of Organization Names on Profiles, Sort publications by citation count on author preview, and view Pending Record edits.

Access profile settings from the top navigation menu

It is now quicker and easier to access your researcher profile settings from the top navigation menu via a dedicated link.

Improved display of organization names on researcher profiles

We have resolved an issue that resulted in the incorrect parent–child value of some organization names being displayed in researcher profiles. We now similarity match the affiliation as captured in an author’s document to the closest Organization Enhanced value available, which is then displayed in the profile.

Sort publications by citation count on author preview

When exploring documents in the Core Collection you can now easily view an author’s most cited documents within the author preview card, making it easier to ascertain a user’s most impactful works. Just click on a name from the Author filter when viewing a set of Core Collection document results, and then click on ‘Most Cited Publications’.

Pending Records

We have reinstated the ability to see an overview of email receipts that researchers have sent to reviews@webofscience.com or edits@webofscience.com that previously existed with Publons. You can see important information related to your position in the queue and status to provide transparency as to where your record stands.

Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team