Web of Science Release Notes, February 2, 2023

Improvements to Data Citation Index user experience, Preprints in WoS Expanded API, and improvements to the Researcher API.

Data records are now labelled in on Search Results Summary pages.

When in All Database Search, it can often be difficult to identify data records when navigating quickly through a set of results. To help with navigation, we’ve added a label that identifies records from the Data Citation Index to the Search Results Summary display to make it easier to quickly identify results that are from the DCI.

“Cite this source” in DCI

Citing data records can present users with some difficulties. To help users cite data sets correctly, DCI includes “Cite this source” functionality which, when clicked, will produce a properly formatted reference for the data record. In this release, we moved the “Cite this source” button to a more prominent position at the top of the DCI full record and included functionality allowing users to easily copy the citation.


Enhancements to Researcher API

Two additional filters have been added to the Researcher API. Users can now filter by claim status and country. For example, a request to /researchers?q=claimStatus=true and cu~”usa” will search for claimed profiles with affiliations within the USA. Additionally, an improvement was made to provide name details (first, name, and full name) for more RID records.


Preprints database now available in the Web of Science Expanded API

The new Preprint Citation Index database is now also available in the Expanded API. To search the preprints database, include the parameter databaseId=PPRN in your query. If you do not yet have access to the Preprint Citation Index, please reach out to your account manager.

Additional changes to the Expanded API include the removal of support for the RSCI database (entitlements to this database are no longer available to users) and a fix for extraneous text being added to grant IDs and citation topics in XML outputs.


Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team