New WOS September 30 Release Notes

Export, profiles, and search updates

“Printable HTML File” update

The Printable HTML file now supports localized field labels for Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified. If you are viewing Web of Science in either of those languages, then the Printable HTML File will show the field labels in that language. All other are in English, and more language support is coming soon.



Open peer review content on Web of Science Profiles

Open peer review content is now visible as part of the Peer Review tab on Author Profiles. Two sections have been added and will be visible if the researcher has those content types in their profile: Open publisher-invited reviews (those commissioned by a journal, usually before publication), and Open community reviews (those initiated by the researcher usually for a pre-print or published paper). Clicking on the article title will take you to the corresponding article record page if it is indexed in Core Collection, where that review content can be read if it has been made public. Peer review content can still be managed by the researcher through their Publons profile.

Search improvements

You now can clear your search history with a single click. The Clear History button is available in the upper right hand corner of the History page.

Also, we have made the field tags more visible from the Advanced search screen based on user feedback.


The WoS Product Team