New WOS September 2 Release Notes

Citation alerts now include context, Publication Name and other search aids, Printable HTML File export, expanded RIS support, and more.

Citation alerts now include exact mention

We’ve added more context to citation alerts to make it easier to know how an article you are interested in was most recently cited. By including the exact words used to cite your article of interest, the improved citation alerts help you quickly assess if you want to read the full text to learn more.



We also include the location of the in-text mention occurred because it hints to the author’s intent; for example, background articles are often found in the introduction.

To further clarify the purpose of each in-text mention, we’ve classified to indicate why the author may have cited the reference in each instance. Classifications are assigned by evaluating the author’s exact words in the sentence containing the mention as well as the sentence before and after. The mentions are classified as follows:

  • Background—previously published research that orients the current study within a scholarly area.
  • Basis—references that report the data sets, methods, concepts and ideas that the author is using for her work directly or on which the author bases her work.
  • Compare—references that the current study’s results can be compared to; the author could be extending on a prior concept or method or confirming past findings or refuting past findings.
  • Discuss—references mentioned because the current study is going into a more detailed discussion.

These citation alert enhancements are available in Web of Science Core Collection if the article of interest has been cited by a newly published article that offers Enriched Cited References.


Improved Publication Name search and other search aids

We’ve added a new Publication Name search aid that lets you easily find and add journals and other publications to your query.



We’ve also completed other search aids for MeSH terms and Group Authors.


New “Printable HTML File” export option

We’ve added a new export option that allows you to download a viewable/printable HTML file. This brings together our previous “Print” and “Save to HTML” options. Once downloaded, this easy-to-read file can be opened in your browser for viewing and printing. We will soon add the Web of Science editions for each record to this output format.




Export to RIS export option now available in All Databases

We’ve added support for RIS export option in All Databases summary pages. The RIS format is now available in Web of Science Core Collection and All Databases. We will be adding support for other databases in upcoming releases.


Export now includes Cited References option

We’ve added support for “Full Record plus Cited References” in all applicable export options in each citation database (such as Web of Science Core Collection, BIOSIS Citation Database, Chinese Science Citation Database, and others). Note that “Full Record” and “Full Record plus Cited References” options are not available in All Databases summary page or All Databases Marked List.


Updated Google Scholar full-text links

We’ve updated the presentation of the full-text link to Google Scholar to make it easier to find the full-text of an article of interest. Clicking on this link will take you to Google Scholar where full-text versions of this article may be available. This feature is available in Web of Science Core Collection.



Vote on future enhancements

Have your say on what we build next by using our feedback portal. You can see what features other Web of Science users have requested and vote on which ones you would like to see first. Click on the ‘?’ in the bottom right of your Web of Science screen, then ‘Suggest a feature’, then ‘Open in Portal’. From here, click Dashboard to view all suggestions and give a thumbs up to any that you would like to see too.


The WoS Product Team