New WOS September 16 Release Notes

Support for Saving Search Alerts for Set Combination searches, Profiles now include peer review tab and metrics dashboard, export and search updates

Saving Search Alerts for Set Combination Searches

Now in New Web of Science you can Create an Alert for set combination searches. Once created, this will send you email alerts when new records that match the search are added to the database. You can use the Alerts tab to rerun this search later.



Profiles now include peer review tab and metrics dashboard

Web of Science Researcher Profiles now display peer review journal counts and an expanded metrics dashboard showing both publication and review metrics. Peer review contributions can be viewed by clicking the ‘Peer review’ tab alongside Publications, and the metrics dashboard – showing peer review counts by month, average peer review length, peer review to publication ratio, and total and 12-month peer review counts – can be accessed via the new ‘Dashboard’ button in the metrics panel. The metrics dashboard is also the new home of publication metrics such as the Author Impact Beamplot and times cited/publications over time. The dashboard enables in-depth, contextual evaluation of a researcher’s output and acts as a springboard to deeper citation analysis in the Citation Report.



“Printable HTML File” update

For the Printable HTML file, we’ve added a field to list the Web of Science indexes that the record is found in when you select to export “Full Record” data.



Search Experience Updates

Search Aid improvements (view entries for multiple matches), link to address abbreviations for Address search fields, link to Search Help on the advanced search page, Field Tags displayed by default on the advanced search page as per customer feedback.


The WoS Product Team