New WOS October 28 Release Notes

Panoramic article view

New panoramic article view shows more entitled data

Want to easily view all the information about an article that has been indexed in multiple collections? Web of Science is introducing a new aggregate view of an article that will show the fields you are entitled to view regardless of which collection they originated from within a single view.

In this initial release, you will be able to view a list of additional available metadata fields from Web of Science Core Collection, Medline, and/or BIOSIS Citation Index in the All Database full record view if the article has been indexed in any of these databases and you are entitled to view them. This 360-degree view of a single article will make it easier for you to access all the information in a single view.


These collections offer value-added indexing that groups similar content together in a taxonomy or classification system (such as MeSH Headings from Medline or Major Concepts from BIOSIS Citation Index) that make it easier to find related content. To take advantage of the collection-specific indexing to find more related content, you can click on the term to find other records that have been indexed under the same grouping.

Some of the value-added indexing also will be available as a refine option so that you can identify articles from your search results that have been classified using these high-value classification systems. The first refine options to be introduced are MeSH Headings and MeSH Qualifiers from Medline. Look for more refine options, such as Major Concepts from BIOSIS Citation Index, to follow in future releases.



This new panoramic view will be expanded over subsequent releases with more collections and refine options added over time.  Stay tuned for more developments!


The WoS Product Team