New WOS October 27 Release Notes

Improvements to Search History export; launch of the Web of Science Admin Portal; Alert Management update

Export Search History to plain text, PDF or Excel

Users can export and download their search history as plain text file, PDF or excel format. Exporting a search history can make it easier to keep track of and provide documentation for a complex search query. An export button and export format dropdown have been added to the search history page, so users are able to select plain text file, PDF or excel from the dropdown (all sets of search history queries are selected by default), download, select a location where to save the file and save the search history.

Please note, users can only export search queries from the current session and query content will include database, query, date run and number of results.


Export Advanced Search to PDF or Excel

Currently on Web of Science, users can export and download advanced search as plain text file but now users will be able to export advanced search as PDF or excel format.


Launch of the Web of Science Admin Portal

Those users with access to the Web of Science Usage Reports platform will be able to access their WoS COUNTER usage report via the new Web of Science Admin Portal.

To access the Web of Science Admin Portal, a usage admin just needs to go to the Web of Science Usage Report UI (entitled users will see a link in the “Products” drop down when signed into the Web of Science) and then click the link to navigate to the Web of Science Admin Portal, where they’ll be taken directly to the COUNTER reports for their institution.

Then just click the name of the desired report, select you download options, and export a COUNTER compliant usage report. For the time being, COUNTER reports are available in both environments.


Alert Management Update

In the Alert Management page, most alerts created before July 2021 have been moved from the “Search Alerts (Web of Science classic)” tab to the “Search alerts” tab. We moved any alert created for a Basic or Advanced Search. The “classic” tab will only appear for search alerts that have not yet been transferred to the “Search alerts” tab, such as Cited Reference Searches and Structure Searches. If you don’t see a search alert in one of these tabs, please look in the other. We are working to move all of the classic-based search alerts to the “Search alerts” tab.

Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.

The WoS Product Team